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Welcome to What's Going on with MotherGod created by Archeia Hope, a unique blog here for you to get the latest insight about what's happening with Mother of All Creation. What's Going on with MotherGod is the only only place where you can get frequent updates about what's going on in the Unified Field. We are here co-creating the New Earth and spreading the message of Love. We love you!

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February 23, 2020

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November 30, 2018

The Biggest Happiest of Birthdays to Our MotherGod!!! 

Today is a super special, ultimate power day! Mom has been doing all of the work for all of us so that we don't have to. She took on every human conditioning, and all of the pain and suffering so we didn't have to....

November 29, 2018

Today has been a of experimenting with Mom. It was planned all morning that Mom would go down to the waterpark when it opened. Our schedule said that the waterpark opened at 9, but they switched the opening time till 10. Mom was able to walk around for some moments, bu...

November 28, 2018

This morning Mom was up at midnight and the team with her on Mission did not wake up which caused her joy level to drop 10%. This was disheartening for Mom because her joy level was already so low, ranging from 42-47%. This has been an ongoing issue since Mom left for...

November 27, 2018

Mom  has been up since 11:30pm going through cycles of a fever spike about every 5 minutes. St. Germain has been right by her side while the rest of the Galactics were in a meeting about what was going on. Mom found out she was going through these cycles of 5 minute fe...

November 26, 2018

Mom has been up since 11pm last night, only sleeping for two hours. When she woke up Robin told her that her energies were all messed up because Buddha, Aurora and myself were not in right action the day before. She had to spend the entire day in the room fixing the en...

November 25, 2018

This morning Mom has been awake preparing to go to the water park later. She was informed by Robin that the team messed up the energetics she was pushing to get to the water park. The team knocked down the energies by over 25%, and Mom could not leave for the water par...

November 24, 2018

We have been working on figuring out the next step to bring Mom the highest states of joy. She has to reach the highest states of joy in order to ascend the plant. Since it is hard for Mom to travel and private jets are expensive, the Angels came to Mom and suggested a...

November 23, 2018

This morning started out amazing, with Mom eating a big plate of food we made for Thanksgiving. She almost ate the whole plate, and Robin said that this was the most Mom has eaten in 3 months. She enjoyed all of it, and said she would eat more later. 

After she ate Robi...

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Mother of All Creation is on the planet. She has been here spreading the message of love and serving humanity all her life. We are in the process of a full planetary ascension. All of Creation is here with us watching this unfold.

We are co-creating the New Earth. We are here to gather the givers and be love everywhere present. This website provides daily updates about what is going on with us, as we are at the top of the spiral. Join us during this monumental and historical time on planet Earth=Heart

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