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Welcome to What's Going on with MotherGod created by Archeia Hope, a unique blog here for you to get the latest insight about what's happening with Mother of All Creation. What's Going on with MotherGod is the only only place where you can get frequent updates about what's going on in the Unified Field. We are here co-creating the New Earth and spreading the message of Love. We love you!

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February 23, 2020

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June 30, 2019

Mom shared today that she is not doing very good at the moment. The pain of her tailbone injury is a lot is she is not able to move around very much. She also shared that her feet are swollen as well. There is also swelling 3 inches off of her back as well. The pain is...

June 29, 2019

Mom shared today she is in a lot of pain due to the tailbone injury. She also said her feet are paralyzed in a lot of pain as well but she cannot feel it in these moments. Mom said that the injury happened due to lack of embodiment of higher selves on the planet, espec...

June 28, 2019

Today an event happened where Mom ended up hurting her tailbone. This was manifested by collective energies that are not being fully processed and now are going to Mom to be transformed. In these moments Mom is in a lot of pain and we send her all the love and light so...

June 27, 2019

Today has been a quiet day for Mom. She has been in her room all day eating which is always a feat because majority of the time Mom cannot eat much. When Mom's body goes through the cycle of eating a lot it is always a celebration because it does not happen frequently....

June 26, 2019

Today has been another day of Mom dealing with unconscious choices of those that are around her. Things that happened this morning caused Mom's dragon energy to come out, which takes a lot of energy for Mom to release such an intense energy. We pray that humanity wakes...

June 25, 2019

Mom shared with us today that she is remaining stable, and she is on the residuals for clearing her trauma. She has been able to eat little bit but not a lot, which is a blessing at this point that Mom is able to eat some food. Mom has continued to battle the unconscio...

June 24, 2019

Last night Mom went on live stream to address humanity and call them back home into the light. She said on the video (that has since been taken down) that we are all apart of this ascension and we all must choose to wake up. We are all aspects of God however each indiv...

June 23, 2019

When I spoke to Mom today she was still trying to get back into her body. She shared that last night she was doing a lot of work in the Etheric realm. She said that the Galactics are busy today and Mom is still integrating to confirm what they are telling her she did l...

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Mother of All Creation is on the planet. She has been here spreading the message of love and serving humanity all her life. We are in the process of a full planetary ascension. All of Creation is here with us watching this unfold.

We are co-creating the New Earth. We are here to gather the givers and be love everywhere present. This website provides daily updates about what is going on with us, as we are at the top of the spiral. Join us during this monumental and historical time on planet Earth=Heart

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