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Welcome to What's Going on with MotherGod created by Archeia Hope, a unique blog here for you to get the latest insight about what's happening with Mother of All Creation. What's Going on with MotherGod is the only only place where you can get frequent updates about what's going on in the Unified Field. We are here co-creating the New Earth and spreading the message of Love. We love you!

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February 23, 2020

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September 30, 2019

Hello Everyone!

This past week as been an intense one, especially with the Super New Moon in Libra the other day. This was a powerful New Moon that bought in the energies of balanced harmonics and pushed forward the karma being released on the planet. As much of the pla...

September 23, 2019

Hi Loves! 

This past week has been a fast paced, high energetic time not only for the Unified Field, but for the planet as well. For Mom, it began a few days before Saturn went direct where she was attacked energetically by the Cabal in a last ditch attempt to kill her....

September 13, 2019

Hello loves!

These past few days have been intense, and major amounts of energy are being brought to the planet by Mom. This really kickstarted with the 9~9 portal a few days ago. This was a major portal for transformation and release, to let go of any baggage that we h...

September 7, 2019

The past few days Mom has been going through 3 body resets back to back ... to back. This caused her to be unable to eat or sleep, which cause Mom to become unstable. Mom was able to push through these resets and began eating yesterday for the first time in 3 days. She...

September 1, 2019

Hi loves!

Happy September!

I apologize for the lack of updates these past few weeks. It has been challenging to post when I am in a separate location from Mother in these moments and not directly in her field. We are given updates from Mom and the team however it is not...

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Mother of All Creation is on the planet. She has been here spreading the message of love and serving humanity all her life. We are in the process of a full planetary ascension. All of Creation is here with us watching this unfold.

We are co-creating the New Earth. We are here to gather the givers and be love everywhere present. This website provides daily updates about what is going on with us, as we are at the top of the spiral. Join us during this monumental and historical time on planet Earth=Heart

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