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August 31, 2018

As of 8:11 am this morning Mom is 99.8% complete with the release of the 7th seal! Yesterday and this morning Mom has been processing a lot of energies, and has been in an unimaginable amount of pain. For the first time in days, Mom's pain was less than 15 on a scale o...

August 26, 2018

Today at 12:43pm Mom was 91% complete with the 7th seal and the surgery on her heart. Robin combined the 7th seal and the heart surgery all into one percentage. Mom getting to this point is a feat, as this process has been extremely painful. She took on the pain for 7....

August 23, 2018

Today Mom pulled some cards from the Gaia Oracle deck! She got... 

~ Reflection #13 - Illusion, self-examination, distortion 

~ Evolution #45 - Earth changes, climate change, transformation 

~ Amethyst #41 - Transformation, certainty, confidence 

~ Nine of Hearts #37 - Ful...

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