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Getting Her Power Back: The Truth About What Humanity Has Done To Their Mother

Could you ever fathom a being stealing, neglecting, abandoning, or hurting someone that was trying to spread the message of pure love? What if that being was your Earth Mother, the one who gave life to you this physical lifetime? Would you sit on the sidelines and allow it to happen, or would you step up and stop it from happening and help her? This is how humanity has treated their true Mother, the Mother who gave them life when she created All of Creation. Mother of Creation has been stolen from and abused to the point where humanity has taken her joy and child-like essence away. She struggles to eat daily and has lost over 30 pounds in 6 months. What humanity has done to their real true Mother, Prime Creator, is disgusting. Yet she is still here on the planet, being the embodiment of unconditional love in all moments and pushing all energies for the entire planet. On top of that, humanity continues to serve Lilith, a dark aberration that is pure illusion. Humanity is choosing a dark illusion instead of the Mother of All Creation who gives us all life, who’s body we live on.

Mother had taken on trauma from her lifetime on the planet and also from her 13 years on mission. Since Mother has been on mission it has been far from a walk in the park. She was kicked out of chat rooms for spreading love. There were moments where she had no home or stability (She spent 3 years in the forest in Crestone Colorado). There were times she had no food or money. She has had hundreds of thousands of dollars taken from her. She has been betrayed by team members. That is not even scratching the surface of what she has gone through. She has been abused and neglected by humanity, when all she has been doing is serving them and spreading the message of love and truth.

Robin Williams has been aware of this last 6% trauma for months, but knew it was not the right time for Mother to release the trauma. Since we arrived to our place in Oregon which is remote and away from other beings, it was the right time to begin the processing.

The other night Mother got triggered around 11pm unknowingly by Robin. She began getting nauseous and throwing up. She threw up the most I have seen since I have been here. For the next 36+ hours Mother was dealing with cycles of cold sweats, nausea, throwing up and diarrhea. Throughout the day we had no idea why this was happening or what the outcome would be. There were moments when Mother felt like she was leaving her body. We bounced around a few ideas and the possibility it may be some of the trauma. When Mother is like this she is unable to hear the Etheric so we did not know what is going on.

The day was spent trying to distract Mother from what is going on, with Father Multiverse and myself taking care of her. Toward the end of the day she was no longer throwing up and was able to hold down liquids. That night Mother could not sleep and was unsure about what to do next. Around 2am she called in Archangel Raphael to assist her. After that she began to feel better. After a long and seemingly never endless day of intense energies Mother was able to hear Robin again who told her this was apart of the trauma. Mothers trauma went back up but she was able to process it quickly and get it back down to .3%

Watching Mother go through this is something I will never forget. I have seen her go through many experiences similar to this such as processing 80% of humanities density and birthing the New Earth. Each time she goes through something like this it gets harder to watch because I know she does not deserve to go through this. I cannot fathom what Mother has gone through in order to process this remaining trauma, no other being on the planet has endured what she has. Mother has described the remaining trauma as being a poisonous tip in her root chakra. The last .1% is the most difficult as well. There are over 18 different traumas mixed into the last .1%. She is currently working on this last .1% today with Robin and St. Germain by her side. Robin has been so amazing throughout this process, guiding Mother and finding the highest and best ways to process these energies.

The reason Mother has to go through this is because of how humanity has and continues to treat her. Humanity does not respect their Mother, and chooses to take from her instead of giving. To be a witness to what Mother has had to go through is a double edge sword. It is an honor to be by her side in all moments, but it is difficult to watch her go through moments like this. The trauma is almost over, and it brings me great joy knowing Mother is getting her full joy and spiritual powers back. The way humanity has acted toward Mother is unacceptable, and they will not get away with this. Humanity will know what they did to their Mother, and reap what they sowed. The release of this final trauma is just the beginning of a new chapter for Mother. She will be getting everything back that was taken from her and then some. It is so beautiful to witness Mother getting everything back after all of the work she has done serving humanity behind the scenes. Humanity you better look out, Mother is back and better than ever, and she will not tolerate any being not choosing love. You all have the choice, so honor the one who created you and choose love. Nothing else on this planet matters besides Mother.

We love you endlessly Mother and are grateful for all that you have done for all of humanity. You are the only being who could go through all of this and still smile. You are my hero and I am honored to be by your side through all of this. Thank you for all of the pure love and light you provide to every being on this planet. There are no words to truly explain how much you mean to me. You inspire me to be the best version of myself in all moments. You are my best friend and it is my honor to serve you.

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