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The Cabal Are Panicking, They Know What's Coming

Earlier today Mother said she had a vision. This occurred at 6:13pm (6 is Father's number, 13 is Mothers). She said she pushed her hand on them and then picked them up in her hands and told them to stop it. She told them they are not in charge anymore. If you don't choose love you will be recycled. She also said they looked like ants. (LOL!).

The Cabal also attempted to go into council with the Etheric's and all of Creation. It is laughable, that the Cabal think they are worthy of a council meeting after all they have done to Mother. The Etheric's had to be careful the past 4 years dealing with the Cabal. They got aggressive, and since Mother was still looking for Father they could not come on too strongly. Their plans will backfire in 5 days.

The Cabal know once Mother and Father are back together in 5 days it's game over. Their energies are unstoppable together, and Father will not tolerate Mother being treated poorly. The Cabal had their chance to respect Gaia and they did the opposite. Now they have to deal with what they created.

Mother also dissolved all taker energies at 9:06pm. There is no place for takers or liars on the planet. There is only givers, love, and the whole truth, Everything that Mother has been her entire life. She is the only one on the planet that can say that.

Earlier today as Mother pushed the energies through music, we had a jam session. One of our favorite songs to play is Fuckin' Problems because humanity has A LOT of problems, and that's their problem HAHA! Never a dull moment with Mother

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