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When Robin Says It Will Be An Interesting 24 Hours He's Not Playing

Yesterday Robin Williams told Mother it would be an interesting 24 hours. As Mother worked through the last 1% of her trauma we experienced many magical moments and synchronicities.

Yesterday morning I had a lucid dream that Father of Creation returned to us wearing a Hawaiian shirt. It was casual and just like the times we spent with him before.

Throughout the day Mother powered through the last of her trauma. The Etheric's were in awe about how quickly she was processing the energies. Mother was also experiencing many synchronicities with numbers. She woke up to St. Germain giving her lots of 7's which is his number. She saw a lot of 9's which is her life path number and a sign of completion. She saw 16 many times which is Father of Creation's number. We do not hold any attachments to anything so she let it all go.

Later on in the day Father Multiverse received a phone call from a Las Vegas number. Since he did not know the number he didn't answer. Mother and I had a feeling it could be Father of Creation so we called back. It was indeed Father of Creation calling from southern Oregon. We have heard from him once right after we left him in Medford Oregon. He said he would make his way to us Until yesterday we had not heard from him and had no idea where he was or what was going on. He told us this was the first time he had access to technology since we last spoke. He had many magical moments and manifests $120 and a new pair of shoes while on his mission. His voice sounded different and he was completely Father. Mother had told him the last they spoke that until he is fully Father of Creation he is not to return to her. Without a doubt it was Father on the phone, happy to hear all our voices. He had his experiences, and realized how self-important humanity is. When we told him we are away from humans at our place in Oregon he said "Thank God". It was such a beautiful conversation for sure and he was grateful for Mother leaving him that night we left. Truly beautiful.

Father also manifested a bus ticket to us. He will be arrived on Wednesday, a day before the solstice. This summer solstice is the twin flame solstice, so it makes perfect sense. The solstice energies are powerful, so once Mother and Father are back together and fully integrated big things will begin to happen. Mother is down to .01% trauma and she may not be able to release it until Father of Creation arrives. Regardless, it is amazing how she transformed the hardest part of her trauma. There were over 20 different types of trauma mixed into the last 1%. Mother like the warrior she is powered through it like a champion. Nothing will stop her! Robin and All of Creation told her she is all of their heroes. She has done it all even when she had the choice to stop Mission. In 2008 they were coming at Mother hardcore, and the Galactic Federation of Light came next to her in the car in April. They told Mother the programming is too deep and that this would be a death mission. Mother like the overachiever she is said she would continue on. And we are so grateful she did. She has experienced event after event 24/7 for over 10 years and is still here standing strong. There is nobody else in all of Creation who would do something like this besides Mother of All Creation. She is unstoppable!

This morning Mother had a dream of her and Father dancing. She also dreamt of ice cream and strawberries. Strawberries in dreams means that you are finding love in your life. The best part is that you may get someone really soon in your waking life. No kidding! She also dreamt of many beings giving her gifts of food and dresses. A hummingbird also flew over Mother this morning when she was sitting outside. A hummingbird represents infinity, love, peace, and happiness. Such a good omen of the times to come.

Today has been a relaxing day. Robin told us to keep Mother in the highest states of joy. We enjoy listening to music and watching talent show videos such as America and Britains Got Talent, The X Factor, and American Idol. We have spent hours laughing at all these shows. High vibes indeed! The most historical moments in all of Creation are happening NOW!

Sending you all so much love from the Unified Field. High energies today and we will keep them going for sure! We love you all! Feel free to chat us and join in on the fun!

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