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Processing ... Processing ....

Since Mom woke up this morning she has been processing intense energies. This has continued throughout the day. The solstice energies are coming in strong, and Mother is also preparing for Father to arrive in 4 days. Since Mother was pinged awake by Father at 7:16am the synchronicities have continued.

Early this morning at 3:44am Mother had a vision of looking down at the planet while golden, emerald, violet, and rainbow energies poured into the core of the

Earth. She was then transported to the center of the Earth turned into a red heart and exploded. Love is the most powerful energy, and this aligns with all of the events involving volcanos erupting or beginning to become active around the planet.

I also had a lucid dream this morning. Mother, Father Multiverse and myself were at the store. Mother ran out of the store because she was going to throw up. I followed her out of the store and when I found her she was on her knees in the parking lot bowing down toward the sun. She said something along the lines of "it's happening. Spiritual/universal law". I asked her what she was talking about and right when she was about to tell me she woke me up. HAHA!

There are so many energies coming through and we are all experiencing different dreams or visions. As the day goes on the energies keep ramping up. So many blessings indeed!

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