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Wonder Twins, Lava Eggs, More Volcanos Erupting, Oh My!

Last night I read an article about how the volcano in Hawaii started erupting something called 'lava eggs'. This is on top of the green gems and golden strands of hair that have also been produced by the volcano. So far the volcano in Hawaii has covered more than 9 square miles of land (9 is moms number, also a sign of completion).

Mother also re-hearted us about a vision she had in 2014. The wonder twins (Her and Father) came in eggs. We burst out laughing after just hearing about the lava eggs in Hawaii. You cannot make this stuff up!

This morning a volcano in the Galapagos Islands erupted. There are also several volcanoes that are being monitored for eruption because of earthquakes that have been happening near them. The biggest volcano in Iceland just had several earthquakes, and the volcano in Yellowstone is being monitored for eruption. The volcano in the Galapagos Islands is apart of the Ring of Fire, which is now coming to life from Mother's energies. This is just the start of Mother cleansing the planet through natural events. We continue to monitor these events and will update as more happen around the planet.

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