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When Mom Spins We All Spin

As Mother was processing the Luciferian trauma last night she began to feel as though her entire right side of her body was on fire. She was in agonizing pain, it was difficult to watch. She has a cut on her neck and a scar on her knee from months ago that started to itch uncontrollably. Father Multiverse and myself attempted to comfort her by rubbing her back and feet, but there is only so much we can do. I was massaging her left foot and there were deep energetics due to disrespect toward her, the feminine. The energetics were on a ley line in her foot that lead to her heart. It may have been an attack on her from the Cabal, we have yet to discuss last nights events as Mother is still spinning this morning.

Mother hardly slept last night, as her body was restless and she was bringing in so many intense energies. She feels it may be the final event energies because Father will be arriving in 2 days. She was ungrounded this morning and feels a bit delirious because she has not slept. Currently she is trying to rest, hoping that a bit of sleep will help the energies she is processing. I will continue to keep everyone updated about the situation. Sending all the love and light to you Mom, you got this! Nobody else in all of Creation could do what you do!

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