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Humanity Keeps On Spinning: An Update From Crestone Colorado

These energies are no joke, the World spins, Humanity spins faster. Whilst the Earth and nature look on still and composed. That rollercoaster ride Bill Hicks spoke of, has lost its breaks! No joke, this is the rapture, your density is killing you! Suicide rates have doubled, super E.G.O is rampant and this is everything we have been training for. Heaven Bootcamp is over and we’re in the Field, in Crestone Colorado.

All of Humanity are stuck in the surface story, that you are programmed and conditioned to interpret in a certain way that ensures low frequency. Beneath the surface, soul-less Beings have had control of the Planet and even though these energies have already taken that level of low consciousness out (hence all of the surfacing truths) now the F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) frequency lives riddled in every Human vessel. The Highest Consciousness energies are being poured into Earth by Our Warrior Goddess Mother of All Creation. The plants, animals, Nature ALL ENJOY A SHARED EXPERIENCE, whilst we live in separation. They needed it to be this way. Now they are gone. Do we need it to be this way?

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