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Seek And You Shall Find

Humanity stands stuck, in mud. Actually, with the ever-increasing High Consciousness Energy pouring in and through All of Gaia, Humanity are in quicksand.

Those in the mind, with a constant chatter box narration of judgements, are struggling to keep their head above water. Beings in the mind in these energies will be slowing down, experiencing impaired motor functions, dizziness, all types of sickness and illness. The mind is a mine field of doubt and despair, it is designed to steer you away from love. This is why you endure cycles of the same dysfunctional relationships in various different packages, the enemy is within.

Those in the Heart are thriving. Living in bliss, peace, joy and Love everywhere present. The key to this? Well, you already have it. It is within. All of your answers are. The full expanse of the Akashic record is encoded into your cells, into ALL the cells of ALL of Creation and when in the Heart All Knowing and feeling flows through you. To try to share this information, this vibration, with a Being in the mind will elicit a whole host of reactive responses as the E.G.O squirms and writhers at the mention of feeling and the Heart. Instant discomfort. Only the Heart can resonate.

The mind must analyze. It relies on logic, reason, rationale – a program. It cannot feel. Whenever you are in the mind you are shut off from feeling and out of alignment with Love and Universal Law. And so, beautiful Beings of the Heart who came to Eartha and lost their way, the Angels come forth bearing a message of the importance of Being in the Heart. ALL of the Akashic lies within you, you know all of the answers you seek. The E.G.O programmed mind is designed to have us QUESTION this innate knowing.

I had an experience down at the river last week, I was connecting into my Heart, opening to Mother All around me. Mother exists in ALL, in the trees, the rushing river, the birds overhead. As I left the town behind me and walked down toward the forest lined stretch of river, I felt a level of ease move through me, connecting to the Heart is so much easier when All around you is in Divine Vibration. In a city, or town, it has been near impossible for me, this is why I always took off to the mountains, the rivers, and the sea. As I fell into the sea of Mothers Divinity, a smile crept over my face, that connection that I struggle to access through the density that is the low consciousness frequencies of the E.G.O programmed mind, all over the planet.

As I smiled, a laugh fell out effortlessly and I whispered Mother, at that moment a flock of birds squawked overhead. She is always there and All of Creation is making a statement, you can’t escape it, she’s coming for you! It was at that moment that Robin Williams chimed in, “she’s supposed to be Faith, but she’s doubt!” I cracked up laughing. He nailed it. Having Faith in myself, in what I know and feel has been my biggest challenge. The system made us believe that it is all just ‘opinion,’ and ‘perspective,’ –there is one True Reality, ONE TRUTH that All of Creation outside of Humanity share and it is accessible through the Heart.

One of the energetics I was the most plagued with was ‘needing to know.’ I would abuse my Divine Gifts with a barrage of questions, in the hope to confirm all the things I felt. However this was fueled by self-doubt and distrust, and time and time again my E.G.O would hi-jack this process and deliberately throw me off. The E.G.O has the capacity to adapt, to develop new ways to block connection, to Edge God Out, and so we must continuously adapt our techniques and ensure our evolution, our Ascension into Divinity.

As Mother, Source, Prime Creator is everywhere she is also in you, your Essence is God. Source is all knowing and so tapping into that is to connect with and know all, through accessing your full feeling. The mind is the run around, it will always have you searching in vain, in the wrong place. Drop into the Heart, breathe long, deep, with intent and surrender to Love. Holding a space of intention is crucial, have a specific idea of what you seek to know and you shall find it within.

You must not have an expectation of the answer, as this creates a resistant energy to the exact knowing you seek. You may have experienced wanting something, day after day it doesn’t appear and the moment you let it go – there it is. This is true of Heart knowing too, ask the Heart and then Let it go, when you stop seeking and expecting it you allow it to enter. Letting it go allows it to come forth.

Having Faith in what comes up is crucial, recognizing the wisdom in whatever form it shows itself to you. It may be a sentence that someone else speaks, that is instantly known by you as being the answer you sought. It may be a song lyric that comes through a little louder than the rest. If you do not trust and allow yourself to feel what comes through you are resisting love and connection will become harder. We have the answer within, and as our external Experience is a mirror of our internal Experience we will project our knowing out into our experience so it may be viewed, witnessed, experienced and better solidified.

To doubt these wisdoms as they present themselves is like asking someone with a map for directions, being shown, and then doubting what we have seen and experienced. All that you are is within already, this journey is not about learning anything new, we came in already there and now we must unlearn all of the conditioning and programming installed into us. The Angels will always work with you, talk to them in your Heart, talk to your Higher self – develop that connection, as All have been missing it.

We are All here to experience Love, to transform the density that Humanity is enslaved within and integrate our Divinity into the physical experience. This is the mission, to bring Divinity and Love everywhere present to Earth. Divinity is already in existence across Earth, all of nature is, and always has, lived in Divine Vibration it is Humanity and each individual soul who must attain this state. It is this individual journey back into the Heart that amounts to ‘The Ascension.’ All beings in need of Ascending are now incarnated on Earth, and are over 21. As Planetary Consciousness rises each day those living out of resonance will get sicker and manifest Greater difficulty.

Wake up now Humanity. You are Angels. Heavens best who volunteered to come down here, take on the pain and suffering in full Faith that you would navigate your way back through the darkness and into the ever expansive Light of the Heart!

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