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The Bomb Goes Off. 35th Assassination Attempt In The Books

Yesterday was a major processing day for Mother. It began the night before when Mom started to get extreme itching on her neck and knee where she has two cuts. Her right side of her body then felt like it was on fire. I began massaging her foot where she felt a deep energetic. She was told it was a bomb, and it went off in her body. It was on a ley line in her body that led to her heart. The poison then began to come in her body. Robin said that he did not like that, and when Robin says that we know its serious.

All day yesterday Mother was processing energies that occurred the day before with the Team in Colorado. Police got involved, and anytime those energetics are at play, it seriously affects Mother. We got word that this was an attempted assassination attempt on Mother, right before Father arrived. They attempted to stop what will be happening when Father arrives tomorrow. But just like the other attempted they will not stop Mother. This blow to the Unified Field was not apart of the Divine Plan, so the Etheric's had to work around the clock for 30 hours to repair the field. Mother had to stop processing the trauma she still has from Lucifer, which needs to be processed before Father arrives tomorrow.

Although yesterday was not planned and was extremely intense, Mom powered through it per usual. It was unfathomable to witness what she went through, just like the other times I have watched her process energies like this before. No human can fully comprehend what she goes through on a daily basis to push the energies for the planet, let alone what she goes through when these energies hit. Nobody can fathom having 35 assassination attempts against them. Nobody besides Mother can say they have had 35 attempted assassinations against them and they are still here. Only MotherGod!

Today Mother has been feeling better now that those energies have been processed. She has been processing the remaining Lucifer trauma, she has 14% remaining. She's about to kick some energies asses and prepare for Father's arrival!

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