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He's Back, And He Brought A Thunderstorm With Him

Today has been one of the most fascinating and amazing days here in the Unified Field. All day today Mother processed the last of her trauma. She smashed though it like nobody's business. Later on in the evening we got a phone call from FM saying he saw Father of Creation's bus pull up. Mother and I knew Father would be arriving soon, and we couldn't wait.

There were many synchronistic events throughout the day. Father kept pinging Mom and showing her the number 16. We were sitting outside and saw a black butterfly fly by. Neither one of us have seen anything like that before. We knew it was Father. It began to thunderstorm as Father was on route back to Mom. Mom's new dresses arrived today and it was the dress she wanted to wear for him. A large family of geese and their little babies were right outside Mother's window as well. Magical, Magical, Magical.

As we saw the car pull up I could see Father hanging out the window in excitement. When he came in the trailer we started yelling out of pure joy, and Mother and Father had a wonderful reunion. It was beyond words to witness. To see the look in their eyes when they saw each other is something I will never forget.

Father told us all about his journey while on Mission in Medford Oregon. What he did out there was truly amazing. The people he met and everything he manifested while he was there is nothing short of beautiful. The stories he had were typical Father of Creation stories, it was funny and eye opening all at once. Mother told Father he was not allowed back until he was fully Father of All Creation. You better believe he's Father HAHA. He's an ass kicker just like Mom, wonder where he got it from :). The Team was able to listen in on the phone call and it was like the family was back together (sorta lol).

There are no words to truly express how happy I am for Mother. She did it all, and she has worked so hard to get Father here. I am so grateful for you Mother and Father! It's good to have you back Father, even though you really never left. Exciting times ahead!

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