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Today's The Day: Father Of All Creation Is Returning

We have been anticipating this day for 6 days now. Father of Creation is coming back after being away for almost a month. We left him in southern Oregon after he refused to get into the car to leave with us to our new place. He repeatedly chose his lower aspect instead of his higher self Father, and Mother had enough. He had to transform his lower aspect, which he was unable to do around Mother. So we drove away without him and it was his test to find his way back. And he is.

Last night Father Multiverse went into his usual loop of defiance and disrespect. He was yelling at Mother and even called her a liar. This is something that happens daily with him. He always says he surrenders and this is the last time, and within ours he does the same thing. This caused Mother's Luciferian trauma to go up from 13% to 21%. Father Multiverse did not even seem to care that he caused Mother more trauma. Within an hour she transformed it, and went back down to 14%.

All morning Mother has been processing the remaining of the trauma. She is currently down to 9%. She has to fully process the trauma before Father arrives. It will be interesting to see how these energetics come out. We are spending the day in the sun, watching singing videos, and the Team's all day livestream. We will be back later to give updates about this exciting day ahead!

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