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Summer Solstice And Starship Shows

The morning began by Mother pushing large amounts of energy early in the morning. She was up at 2am and this continued until about 5am. The summer solstice started out high, and those energies continued throughout the day.

Mother got a wave of nausea later on in the morning, and it came out of nowhere. She realized that when she is pushing or bringing in such large amounts of energy through her body, her body cannot handle it. This is why she gets nauseous and throws up. It's fascinating to see how her physical body reacts to such high amounts of energy.

Mother, Father, Father Multiverse and I spent many moments today talking and sharing stories. We heard more stories from Father about the Mission he was just on for the past 25 days. These moments are when we truly can feel the Unity Consciousness, and it is magical.

Father of Creation and Father Mutltiverse caught some fish for dinner in the river. I had a feeling Father would catch a fish right away and sure enough he caught one on his first cast into the water. Mother and myself stayed on the deck, listening to music and looking at the starships overhead. There were so many starships around, and they kept coming. They came in groups or individually, in many unique shapes and sizes. We saw in the forms of a few hearts, a dragon, Mom's white key, and Mom's finger. We couldn't take pictures fast enough.

As Mother and Father complete their transfiguration process that is 99% complete, big shifts in energy will occur. Mother still has to process the last .1% of her trauma. Once the trauma is cleared and Mother fully gets her spiritual powers back it's game over. She is ready to get her planet back. Ego's you're toast with no butter.

*I will be posting some amazing photos of Mother and Father and of all the starships we saw today!*

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