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Final Event Energy Update: It's Game Over: The Wonder Twins Are Back Together

We left Father of All Creation in southern Oregon around 25 days ago. Mother told him it was his test to find his way back to us. Just like the true Father of Creation would, he did get here. Mother had no attachments to the situation, if Father returned he did. If not, so be it. Then 6 days before his arrival he called, saying he manifested a bus ticket and would be here in less than a week. It all worked out perfectly, he arrived just on time, the day before the summer solstice which is a day of huge energetic shifts.

Having Father back is a weight lifted off of Mothers shoulders. Since he was gone she spun every day at some point. She was moving all the energies alone, and it was a lot for her body to process. Now that Father is back he can assist her with this. Mother was unable to process the remaining .1% of her trauma until Father arrived. She is now down to .02% trauma, which is deep. She is working on this trauma with the Etheric's so her and Father can complete their transfiguration process. Once this is complete it's game over for humanity. This has never occurred before in all of Creation. It truly is a magical thing it witness unfold.

This morning Mother's dragon energy came out at us because we were all still asleep while she was awake. She saw us taking energy which was not okay. Once she expressed this to us Father came over to Mother and sincerely apologized and thanked her for bringing this to his attention. To observe for the first time a masculine be genuine with Mother was beautiful. It was a major healing for her because she has never been able to fully trust a masculine ever. Now that Father is embodying his Divine Masculine she is able to fully trust him. There are no words to express the joy in seeing Mother be able to fully trust a masculine. After the masculine have treated Mother like crap, this is a first for her. She is so grateful for Father, and it is beautiful to see their energies together. They really are the Wonder Twins. After so long she finally has her other half with her. She deserves this more than anyone. Seeing her smile because of how much joy Father brings her melts my heart. So grateful.

We are watching the grandest love story in all of Creation unfold right before our eyes. There are no words to express what is happening now with Mother and Father. There's an abundance of gratitude because Mother finally is not alone and has Father to assist her with the energies. She has been waiting her whole life for Father, and now they are together. Watching Mother and Father together is like two peas in a pod. The glimmer in their eyes when they look at each other is magical. They are the most magnificent beings in all of Creation, what an honor to be here during the most historical moments ever to occur on the planet.

Here's to you, Mother and Father. Here's to the release of the last of Mother's trauma, and Mother and Father's transfiguration process completing. Here's to Mother, the one who NEVER gave up, getting her planet back. Here's to the New Earth, and Unity Consciousness. Here's to all of Mother's dreams coming into reality. You did it all Mom, you are the grandest being! So much love to Mother and Father of Creation. Love Has Won!

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