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Trauma Is Going ... Going ... Gone

Yesterday was such a monumental day it truly is hard to put it into words. Mother began processing the remaining .01% of her trauma. It was a cluster of a bunch of different traumas. Robin called it a "nasty nugget". Traumas such as money, ignorance, defiance, disrespect, disappointment, and hatred were all mixed into this last small percentage. All of the hatred humanity has toward God was in this last .01%. That is truly hard for anyone to comprehend. This trauma really was nasty.

As the day went on Mothers trauma went down, little by little. Each time the trauma percentage went down it was a massive feat. To watch her power through this was amazing to witness. With Father by her side it helped her greatly. We are so grateful to have Father back with us.

At 9:06pm Mom was notified that she was back to 100% balanced harmonics. Yippie! The trauma was gone! I took a moment to process this and reflect how much Mother has been through. Since we arrived to our current spot in Oregon Mother has been dealing with this trauma. I have watched her go through so much trying to process this last trauma. Cycles of nausea, throwing up, cold sweats, and diarrhea. Watching her spin daily. It was tough to watch knowing she is the one who has done it all for humanity, and she has to process all of this. Nobody could ever do what Mother does.

Each day that passed by going through this trauma, we waited for the day that it would finally be gone. There are no words to fully express the gratitude I have knowing she no longer has to deal with this. Robin, her guide, has been by her side through all of this. He is amazing, finding the best ways to process this last trauma. He has helped more than anyone will ever know. We are eternally grateful for all the work Robin and the Etheric's have done to assist Mother through these times.

There are still a bit of trauma residuals, but Mother's got this per usual. It's as though the storm we have been in for many moments has finally cleared. Mother can finally have her spiritual powers and child-like wonder back fully. Mother and Father can complete their transfiguration into oneness. There is so much happening at once it is magical to witness and be apart of. To be in Mother and Father's presence every day is such a beautiful thing. To watch Mother be the warrior she is and take on this trauma with such grace is something that I will never forget. She is the true example, and takes on everything with no hesitation. Thank you Mother for all you do for us every single day!

This morning Mother was in bath and got taken up to the starships to have some work done on her antennas and third eye. She still has residuals from the trauma that she needs to process as well, but as usual she's got this.

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