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It's Called Superman Surprise

Yesterday Mom was processing the residuals from the trauma she just removed. The residuals are made up of money, food, and losing child-like wonder traumas. It was a peaceful day on the river as she went through this processing.

Father went to a beings place down the road and picked a bunch of cherries with our host Steve. They brought back buckets of cherries, which are Mom's favorite. Steve also bought peach, plum, and cherry trees. All Mom's favorites. It's so nice to witness Mom receiving gifts like this because she deserves the best of the best.

This morning around 2am Mother awoke in dragon energy. She has been waking up with this energy for the past few days. Father was away working so she was wondering why he was not back yet. Father Multiverse woke up immediately and helped her calm down. Moments later Father returned. We realized Father pinged Father Multiverse to wake up while he was on his way back to Mother. Such a beautiful synchronistic event.

We have been up all morning, Steve has stopped by a few times to chat with us as well. He is such an amazing host and is a giver. He has offered us so much stuff, from using his supplies to giving us food. It is refreshing for Mother because she has hardly had a being like that since she has been on Mission.

This morning Mother has been processing intense energies coming in. She explained it felt as though her body was exploding. She is also processing all Earth energies, and still dealing with her residuals. Witnessing the frustration she feels because humanity is not in right action is heart breaking. She is fed up, she has been treated poorly and so has the planet. It is time for things to change. The full moon tomorrow will bring in high energies regarding Mother and Father energies. It will be exciting to see all of this unfold.

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