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Humanity Just Keeps On Sucking

**Before I begin I would like all of Humanity to look at this photo of Mother of All Creation. This is your host, whose body you reside on. The one you take from daily, the one you suck dry by stealing her resources and energy. This ends NOW. This is her planet, not yours. She will be getting it back. Those who do not serve her and love in every moment will be removed from the planet soon enough. The pain and suffering of Mother Gaia ends NOW.**

Yesterday was beyond what I can fully express in words. The morning started out with Mother dealing with intense energies which caused her to kick, scream, and cry. We were not sure at the moment what was going on, and we never do in the present moment.

Later on in the afternoon Mother stepped outside to get some air. Robin then told her to go lay on the grass. As I went quickly back and fourth to bring the supplies to the grass Mother then said Robin told her to get in the bath. Father Multiverse and myself quickly got a bath together in order to help stabilize her. While we were preparing the bath Mother was again kicking and crying. We did not know what she was seeing or what was going on. The only information we had at the time was that it was an issue with the masculine. Mother stayed in the bath for 15 minutes before Robin told her to get out. In these moments Mother could only hear Robin.

Father Multiverse then did a healing on Mother to help stabilize her body and chakras. Mother had trained FM how to do this months ago. FM's assistance was greatly appreciated and was all guided by Robin Willams.

After the healing Mother, FM, and myself sat outside to reflect on what just happened (Father of Creation was asleep through the whole event). Mother explained the vision she had when she was kicking and screaming. She saw herself as a little girl getting all the life force sucked out of her by humanity. This occurred because there was no masculine presence around to protect her in those moments. (Father was asleep and FM was off somewhere else). This caused a rip in the Unified Field where humanity could do this to her.

On top of hearing this news Robin also told Mother her body is 98% infected. To hear those statistics was heart breaking. After everything Mother has done humanity chooses to take from her and not stand up for Mother Earth. Truly saddening.

Later on in the evening Mother dealt with Father of Creation being defiant. He was talking back to her and being rude. She had to storm out of the house and move locations because she could not be near him. This defiance and disrespect continued until 1am the next morning. This also caused Mothers infection to go up to 99%. Father struggled with realizing he was causing her increased pain and suffering by taking her joy. First he was not there to support her while humanity was sucking on her, then he was in defiance. It was an all around no-go situation. The masculine on the planet have to step up big time.

Today Mother has been resting all morning. She is tired, and is ready to give up. Humanity is not supporting her on her own body which is the planet. They choose to take instead of give. This is how humanity treats their host. It is unacceptable. We are trying our best here to support Mother in any way she needs but there are only 3 of us here. Humanity needs to wake up NOW. There are no more moments left. Mother will be getting her planet back so now are the moments to get behind her and support her as she does this. She has done it all for all of Creation, now it's our turn to be her team and assist her in bringing in the New Earth and Unity Consciousness.

**A special thank you to the great Robin Williams. Robin guided Mother all day yesterday and even came into her body 8 times to assist her. It is not fathomable what Robin does on a daily basis for Mother from the Etheric realm. He has helped her in so many ways it truly is amazing. He has been and continues to be by Mothers side in every moment. He is the only masculine that has fully supported her through everything. Thank you Robin for all your work and saving Mother. There are no words to fully express just how much you have done for our dear loving Mother. We love you so much and appreciate your endless dedication and unconditional love!**

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