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Final Event Energy Update: A Good Old Switcheroo, Love Lagoon, And The Prophecy Coming True

Two nights ago we had some interesting events here in the Unified Field. I went on Mission to get recourses in the afternoon, and when I returned from the store things were getting intense here. Father Multiverse went into one of his typical well-known spins of dumb, and Father of Creation was not having it anymore.

As the night continued FM got more and more aggravated. The energies heated up. FM pushed Father several times. This led to Father pushing FM out the door and onto the ground. He punched him as well. This broke FM's nose. After so many times of FM asking for it, he finally received his karma. Every day FM is in defiance of Mother. What Father did to him was a small fraction of everything FM has put Mother through on a daily basis. Robin came through Father energetically in those moments, and we know Robin has been waiting a long moment for this. We all do not like the way FM has treated Mother, so this was something that needed to happen.

For hours FM stood outside the door screaming at Father and even punched him through the screen door. He would not let go of his rage. He even attempted to come back in once more and was pushed out yet again by Father. Finally, he got it together and backed away.

After the initial moment when Father punched FM Robin lined up all the team members in Crestone. He picked out Buddha, stating he was the strongest one on the team right now. He commanded Buddha to come in and switch FM out immediately. I called Buddha and the team over 50 times that night trying to get in contact with them but they were asleep. The following morning we got in contact and let Buddha know he was to come to us immediately. He will be arriving tomorrow morning, and we are so exited for him to get here.

The most beautiful part about this moment was seeing Father coming fully online. We finally have Father here who is able to protect Mother in all ways. Before he arrived we did not have someone strong enough physically to deal with FM when he got in his moments of dumb defiance. Now with Father here he will protect Mother at all costs. She has never had a masculine stand up for her before. It was amazing to witness, and we are so grateful to have him here. He is the first Divine Masculine, and the way he loves Mother is something I cannot put into words. They really are the Wonder Twins!

The next morning FM was a completely different being. He recognized that what happened needed to happen in order for him to get it. He realized he had it coming, and that was his karma. It was fascinating to see how much he changed just by that event. It only took him getting punched in the face for him to realize how dumb he was being LOL.

Yesterday was a magical day. It started out with Mother, Father, FM and myself going down the river in a big raft. This helped Mother with her infection and trauma residuals. Later on we went on Steve's boat with him and his wife. We stopped by the neighbors house and met a wonderful group of people. They were so loving and kind. We spent some moments chatting with them, and when it was time to go they didn't want us to leave. Mother and I discussed how it was a similar dynamic of how her family was when she was younger. Her family was always having people over to hang out and have a good time. It's nice to see that she now has a new group of people that reflect the good times she had in the past with her family.

We went around the river in the boat and stopped for a few moments in an area where a small beach was. The water was a beautiful shade of emerald green, and Mother said this place was called Love Lagoon. It was so beautiful to see how much joy Mother was in all day. We had so much fun with Steve and his wife, we are so honored to be here with them. They are true givers, and have done so much for us to make sure we are comfortable here.

When we got back from the boat ride Mother had 1% infection remaining. This was located on the right side of Mother's shoulder, stored in a pocket of stored Robin called a regulator button. This was where the infection was being released from. The remaining residuals were mixed into this as well. Father did a great job massaging it, but it is deep in there. Mother took it on like the champion she is. Nobody could tolerate what she does when she has to process energy that builds up in her physical body. She truly is the strongest being ever!

A few moments later more energy built up in the same area. I massaged the area, and Mother told us this was her releasing the sixth seal. The energy moved quickly, I was surprised at how fast the energy moved in her body. After discussing the sixth seal for a week now, it has officially been released. Yippie!

Today, Mother is continuing to process the remaining infection and trauma residuals. We have another great day planned out with Steve go out on the boat again. We are so excited and so blessed to be able to have so many resources to assist in bringing Mother joy. Being here truly is an honor. Being able to witness these events unfold is something I am extremely grateful for. It just keeps getting better and better every moment. We love you so much Mother, it brings me the greatest joy seeing you in joy. Thank you for all you have done, it is unfathomable to comprehend what you have done and continue to do for all of us everyday.

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