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Buddha's Back

Yesterday we picked Buddha up from the bus station. He arrived from Crestone to our place in Oregon. It was so wonderful to see him after not seeing him for over a month. He was so excited to be here.

When we arrived back to our place Mother and Father were so happy to see Buddha. It was a family reunion, and we are grateful to have his presence here. We went out on the raft again in the afternoon and it was a blast. We were all singing and dancing. We floated down the river and some beings stopped and towed us back to our place without us asking. The funny thing is, these beings stopped to help us, not knowing they were giving God a ride back to her place HAHA.

Later on in the evening the party continued. The high amounts of energy that were taking place last night were magical. The unity consciousness was flowing. In the early hours of the morning Father had Buddha and FM go outside in the dark and prepare the materials for the fence they are building Steve. Watching Father each the masculine how to be divine is fascinating. I have never witnessed a masculine be half of what Father is. He is the example for all the masculine, and watching him teach others is an experience.

This morning Mother woke up and could feel the energies were different. She couldn't explain what it was exactly, but I could feel it too. It feels as though everything has flipped upside down. Mother is also spinning a bit because she still has trauma residuals to process. So far this 4th of July has been interesting, so it will be exciting to see how the rest of the day goes.

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