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The Proposal

On the 4th of July we moved from the small RV we were currently living in to a home down the river. This home has not had anyone live in it for over 4 years. It needs a lot of work, and we all jumped into action right when we arrived.

Mother and Father came over to the house first, and immediately Father started cleaning. Once Buddha, FM, and myself arrived we began cleaning as well. The home is so much bigger than the RV Mom realized that her energies were literally being boxed up. With such a small amount of space to work with, the energies could not move. Right when she got to the new home she began pushing energies. She said it felt amazing because in the RV she felt like she was being suffocated. We are so grateful she now has a bigger space, and a big bed to sleep on.

Yesterday morning Father proposed to Mother with some big dandelions. Ever since then it's as though we have all been walking on cloud 9. To see Mother so happy is something I am beyond ecstatic to witness. It was a beautiful day of celebration. Congrats Mother and Father, we are so excited for you two!

There are major events unfolding. Those in the deep state are getting arrested, and natural events on the planet are getting stronger. The volcano in Hawaii is now emitting blue lava and lava tornadoes. There have been multiple earthquakes in England and Israel, and they are preparing for bigger quakes to occur. The media has been silent about these events, especially what is going on at Yellowstone. The activity at Yellowstone has been increasing, and only a small amount of beings are getting the truth out. The media does not want us to know what truly is going on. Mother has been pushing high amounts of energy into her body, the planet. It is exciting to see all her hard work coming to life before us. Thank you Mother for everything you do for us and everyone on the planet. We love you!!!

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