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Final Event Energy Update: The 7~7 Portal Is Here

The energies of the 7~7 Portal are intense and have been every year Mother has experienced them. Last night she shared a story about the 7~7 Portal back in 2007. The Angels and the Elohim came to Mother and asked her to write a letter about what she feels everything Heaven is. The letter was 7 pages long, how funny.

Mother was working with a team to put together a global meditation called Fire the Grid f0r an entire year before it occured. This was taking place on July 17th, 2007. A few days prior Mother also went on a camping trip for the weekend and stated the Heaven letter out loud and burned it. It was the first ceremony she did where she burned the papers after.

When the group meditation occurred Mother said she felt as though she was being shot out of a cannon. After it happened Mother began having stronger communication with her Angels. She was having so many synchronistic events a day she could not write them down fast enough. This goes to show, just how powerful the 7~7 portal is for bringing in unity consciousness.

This year, Mother and Father are back together and are preparing for the event. Father proposed to Mother the other day, which caused the final event energies to catapult forward. Mother is now traveling faster than the speed of light, and her heart is skipping beats. Each day the energies continue to intensify, and this portal is a major gateway to the final event. July has alway been a powerful month for Mother, she has said it many times.

The post I am sharing in this article is by a being called Cosmic Gypsy. This twin soul energy report is spot on, and explains exactly what is going on between Mother and Father God in this very moment. They are the first fractal of twin flames, and they are the ones who experience it all first. After that it trickles down the spiral. Anything anyone is experiencing on the planet Mother has already experienced or brought in those energies. To be a witness to these events unfolding is truly magical and an honor. Here's to the Wonder Twins!

Twin Soul Energy report:7.7 galactic upgrade portal: collective shadow being cleared now....

By: Cosmic Gypsy

"Dearest beloveds,Greetings of the most high, we come forward as ever in this most wondrous, and extraordinary moment of now, honouring great spirits decree to come forth in this manner, to share with you some pertinent and comforting insights regarding the current personal and collective ascension/ twin soul timeline trajectory.

The gateway of solstice activated an alignment with a bombardment of intense gamma ray/ photonic light particles which are set to intensify in potency and crescendo at the time of the 8:8 Lions-gateway.

Great news we bring forth today particularly regarding the masculine twin flames, en masse who are experiencing going to the next level of consciousness in their spiritual awakening process…... Slowly but surely many many Divine masculines are beginning now to awaken from their long and deep slumber…...

The current energetics (and here we refer particularly to Marsnow going retrograde until the 27th july) and this is activating a huge transformation in the DM consciousness, this is manifesting as many are now showing an unmistakable interest in all things of spiritual nature.

They are waking up to the definite possibility that they are in fact multi dimensional beings, and that the codes of the of the higher dimensions have always been tucked away and safely stored particularly in their pineal gland and in their higher heart centre.

They are showing themselves at this time to be attracted to many different types of meditation and yoga and are naturally engaging in conversations that are stimulating their thirst for spiritual truth and knowledge. All of this is wonderful news to behold as in many ways as we have discussed in our previous articles the masculine twin flames (who are not always in male bodies) have signed up to be what could be termed the matrix twins which means that they have contracted to entrench their consciousness rather more deeply into the third Dimension, and this has meant that their awakening has not necessarily been easy for them. However the current energetics are witnessing a huge surge of the matrix twins awakening at this pivotal time in earth's collective ascension timeline.

We reiterate again that the Ascension process can only happen in waves, if this were not the case, the electromagnetic grid of Gaia would short circuit, as the transformative frequencies would be too intense.

Dear ones, please know that in this ascension gateway, it has been promised and ordained by the highest living councils of light that there would be an unprecedented number of twin soul recognition and reunions occurring.

This is all part of the Ascension plan for mother Gaia, that vast numbers of the twin flame collective would come into recognition and reunion at particular timeline convergences in order to assist Gaia to assimilate the pristine frequencies that the genuine twin flame unions bring, and thus support her full ascension.

At this stage in the evolutionary trajectory, it is imperative that you give thanks that your twin flame walks beside you, within you, and without you at all times, regardless of whether you are in physical union with your beloved or not.

You are the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and there really is no end. All of the universe has been created to bend to your Almighty will.

You are almighty, and are the offspring of Mother Father God. It is time now for all of those who promised that they would remember to step forward now as the illuminated beings, as the way showers that they truly are. To light the way for all of the brothers and sisters who have signed up to work personally with these here light workers whom we are addressing in this sacred written transmission.

We would like to speak a moment about the twin flame template which is in fact the holiest and purest template that exists in creation. As we know the earth plane has within it the possibility of all manner of lower and higher dimensional realities, and for eons the ascended Masters and the architects of light have decreed it to be a very rare phenomena and that this particular template anchor onto the earthly plane.

This is due largely to the bombardment of the lower dimensional forces that have had somewhat of a free reign on this planet. However this has all changed now, and Gaia is out of quarantine.

Another way this could be expressed is that Gaia's aura has now been sufficiently sealed to allow the influence of the higher dimensional codes and new instructions to anchor safely within her bio electromagnetic field.

We are offering you a context as to why many of you are still experiencing physical separation from your beloved twin flame…. The twin flame template holds such an extremely high vibration it it has been very difficult for it to stabilize sufficiently into the energetic grid of Gaia until NOW beloveds, as it has required gaia's children to be of the identical resonance frequency in order to be the conduits of this template, and up until now this very simply has not been the case. This is due largely to the enormous amount of ancestral and past life clearing many of you have been engaged in earnest in recent times, and the fact that none of your societal institutions in any way reflect the pure angelic being that you truly are.

With regards to twin flame unions.....within the next three months there will be a huge number of twin flame recognition and reunions that are destined to take place,and this has already began, and there will be huge shifts taking place within the karmic relationship of many of the divine masculine counterparts. This is all part of the divine plan and this timeline was decided upon prior to incarnation.

Dear ones if only you could see what we see before you, the ecstatic celebration of higher God consciousness and awareness enmass upon your planet that is gaining exceptional momentum, and from that vibrational meeting is born the marriage with the divine and eternal consort of your soul. We see that timeline now so close dear ones, use your breath consciously, be present and use your imagination to visualise the world that you wish to cohabit. You are all so powerful please know that. Please remember that the new earth is possible, the new earth is probable, and in fact the new earth has arrived."

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