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LoveHasWon Goes Up In Flames. Please Support In Any Way You Can!

Yesterday afternoon we were all sitting inside talking and having a wonderful time. FM suddenly comes bolting into the house saying theres a fire outside. We all ran out to see the grass near the barn and cars on fire. Father, FM, and Buddha ran over right away. The grass was dry because it has not rained here in a while so the fire began to spread quickly.

At first, Father was able to contain the fire with the water hose. The fire began to travel around the house, and we felt that the fire would not spread to any of the property on the land. As we were carrying buckets from inside and Father was using the hose, the water ran out. After that, there was not much we could do. We got Mother out of the house quickly. As we were driving away the barn caught on fire. The masculine began getting all of Mother's stuff out of the house. Not much longer after the fire spread to the house. Father, FM, and Buddha continued to get stuff out of the house despite the smoke. We are so grateful they were able to get the majority of Mother's stuff out of the house. However, we still lost a large amount of resources.

St. Germain informed Mother last night around $4,000 worth of resources was lost in the fire. We had just finished moving all of our food and supplies to the new home, and all of it was lost. Close to $1,000 worth of food and supplements were lost. On top of that, the beings in the area have had a lack of compassion toward Mother and the situation. The owner of the house texted Mother blaming her for burning down the house which had all their memories. He did not even ask if we were okay, nor seemed to care we lost all of our stuff. No one has offered to assist us in any way. This is heartbreaking especially for Mother because beings should be helping us and instead they are blaming Mother for what occurred.

We are asking for donations of any kind: food, clothes, essential oils, tobacco, coffee/tea, supplements, bathroom supplies etc. Anything will help us greatly at this point. We love you all so much and appreciate those giving us support during this time.

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