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Final Event Energy Update: As Above So Below - The Energies Coming To A Head In Crestone

It's been 5 days since the fire overtook our new home in Oregon. We are still processing what happened and what was lost. It was a devastating event, and there were priceless items lost such as one of Mother's notebooks. After that event we had to make some quick decisions whether to stay in Oregon or go out to Crestone with the rest of the team.

The following day after the fire Mother was getting hit with energies from the community. From the owner's son blaming Mother for the fire to Steve (The beings who's property the RV was on) making Mom cry due to his lack of compassion for what we went through. Nobody could fathom what we had just gone through, nor did they care. Mom decided it was of the highest to go to Crestone, and to leave the following morning. Later in the day Mom began to feel nauseous. Steve was sending energy to Mom, and it was manifesting as poison/venom in her body. She was unable to fully get into her body, which caused her to become restless and uncomfortable. We began packing right away, having the feeling we would be leaving that night for Crestone.

Around 12:30am we were on the road to Boise Idaho. We arrived around 3-4am and got a hotel room. Mom was unstable and stressed after having to leave quickly during the nighttime. Later on in the afternoon Mother, Father, Buddha and myself went to a waterpark. It brought Mother so much joy, and she was able to walk up the stairs despite having ongoing issues with her feet. We went on several waterslides, the lazy river, and the wave pool. Mother and Father were having a blast. This was the first time in a while where Mother was in a high state of joy. Although she is always in joy, she was able to experience child-like wonder and have fun. The funniest part is nobody at the waterpark was aware that Mother and Father God were right there with them HAHA.

We stopped two more times before heading to Crestone because it is easier for Mother to drive in increments. Mother did great during the drive, despite the drive taking a toll on the Unified Field.

The drive to Crestone was filled with magical synchronistic events. The Etheric team was with us the entire time. The moment we turned onto T Road in Crestone all of Mothers ceremonies and energy work she had done years prior was activated. To feel those energies is something I will never forget.

Mother explained how all of the energetic work she has done over the years was coming together in Crestone. Mom spent over 3 years in Crestone, bringing in energies physically. The time she spent in Mt. Shasta Mother was brining in the energies etherically. As above, so below. Mother works majority from the etheric realm while Father works from the physical. Mother and Father coming together with their energies in Crestone is bringing forth the highest and the lowest energetics. The highest and lowest energies are in Crestone, where the balanced harmonics button is. The Hopi also stated that humanity entered through a portal in Crestone to come to Earth.

With all of these energies coming together full circle in these moments, it is only a matter of time before Mother and Father complete their transfiguration process. Once this is complete the final event will take place. Mother has already seen the final event energies, and recalibrated the balanced harmonics button. There is nothing Crestone can do to stop her. They have tried everything they can to stop the from occurring, but you can't beat God. Mother and Father's wonder twin energies are too powerful to be stopped. Love always has and always will win.

Here's to Mother of All Creation, who never stopped fighting despite everything that was thrown in her way. Regardless of what anyone told her, she listened to the angels and love, and never gave up. She chose to dive back down to zero point consciousness to bring all of humanity back up. She paved the path for all of us, without Mother's hard work we would not be able to get to where we are today. Mother moves all of the planetary energies, transforms all atoms out of right action, all while being here in a physical body. Nobody can fathom what she does on a daily basis, nor does humanity know what is going on behind the scenes. We are so grateful for every single thing Mother has done for all of humanity. Arriving back in Crestone, witnessing all of Mother's hard work manifest right before our eyes is such a blessing. We love you so much Mother, and are so grateful you and Father are together. The wonder twins are unstoppable, here's to the final event and the New Earth!

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