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The Last Remaining Trauma and Restoration of Mom's Spiritual Powers

We have been in Crestone for almost a week now, and events are accelerating quickly. Mother's trauma went up to 48% due to the fire we experienced and traveling from Oregon to Crestone. She was down to .01% trauma before that.

Being back with the team has been an experience. Going from a small group back to a group of 14 has been interesting. Mother and Father have been on top of the team, making sure they stay in right action. There have been some moments of taker energy, and that affects Mother greatly because she is so high in vibration she is sensitive to any energy out of right action.

Yesterday, Mother was down to .5% trauma. The Council told her that she was going to blast through it, and also regain her spiritual powers back. All day Mother was pushing through like a champ, and by the end of the night her trauma was gone and her spiritual powers were at 100%. A funny event that occurred yesterday was Mother said she had a vision of a volcano erupting. We figured it was just another eruption in Hawaii. Later on in the day Father asked if anything had happened in Hawaii, and nothing had. Mom said the volcano may not have been Hawaii, possibly Mt. Shasta or Yellowstone. When I looked up news on Yellowstone, I found an article that said a 100 foot fissure had opened up in Yellowstone. The media has been quiet about the news on Yellowstone so the public does not know what is going on. Yellowstone is preparing to erupt, and this was another confirmation about what energies are about to take place.

A huge part of unity consciousness is being on the same cycles as Mother. This means sleeping when she sleeps. The past two nights Mother has gone to sleep and the team has stayed up with Father. I re-hearted Father both nights that when we stay awake and Mother is sleeping we are taking from her. Both mornings after Mother could feel the energies were off and had to correct them. On top of that, both mornings her trauma went back up to 3%. This morning 10% of her spiritual powers were taken away as well. This is disappointing because the team is supposed to be the ones supporting Mother, not the ones hurting her.

As we continue to move into unity consciousness it is crucial in every moment to be our Divine selves. The energies Mother is bringing in are only getting stronger. If beings do not step up the energies will take them out. Once Mother's trauma is gone for good and her powers are fully back the transfiguration event between her and Father will reach 100%. Once this occurs it will spark the final event. We are only moments away from this turning point, and humanity can feel it for sure. Big events are underway, and we could not be more excited for Mother. We love you so much!

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