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Putting It in Plain Sight: Two New Songs By Ariana Grande About Mother

Ariana Grande has two new songs out: God is a Woman and The Light is Coming. Mainstream artists and music typically does not put out such an obvious message because the Cabal old controllers wanted to keep the truth from the public. Now, knowing we are at the turning point and that Mother will be given her planet back, they are putting the truth in plain sight for humanity. Ariana Grande is a major artist in the industry today, and her music has millions of views. For her to put out such an obvious message and so recent is just too funny.

In the song "The Light is Coming" Ariana sings "The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole". Wow. To have this message sent out to humanity so openly is amazing. The truth will always come out.

In the music video for God is a Woman there are many moments where scenes show Mother or events that she has gone through, and I have posted some photos below breaking down some points in the music video.

The music video starts out as Mother of all Creation rises from the cosmos she created while on top of Earth, her body.

Here, Mother is sitting poised as a group of masculine throw stuff and yell at her, trying to knock her down. Mother has experienced not only masculine but humanity trying to tear her down as she put out the messages of love and pure truth.

Mom is facing forward while the rest of the feminine have their backs toward her. Mom's entire life she has had minimal feminine support because they have always been jealous of her. This also represents how Mother was the only one on the planet without ego fully in the heart. Up until recently she was the only one on the planet fully awake.

This photo represents Mother has the golden flame. This is one of the many energies Mom works with on a daily basis.

Mother Gaia sitting on top of her planet, moving the planetary energies. In the video she creates a hurricane in the ocean.

This part of the video gophers pop out of their holes and start yelling. This represents humanity keeping their heads buried, ignoring Mother's truths. Once they wake up they freak out because they have been asleep for so long, choosing to ignore what was really going on.

The plants are growing around Mother as she births the New Earth.

In this scene Ariana mouths a quote from the Bible in a woman's voice. “And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my sisters. And you will know my name is the Lord. I lay my vengeance upon you” After she says this she throws an axe and shatters the glass ceiling above. Then a pair of woman's legs appear with golden light in-between. This represents Mother creating all of the atoms.

In this part Mother is standing in a circle while everyone dances around her, supporting and loving her. Everyone is dressed in pure white, representing the light.

Water is splashing all around as Mother stays centered. The bible states there will be large planetary events during the second coming of Christ. This includes hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. Mother stands as the beacon of light while everything else crumbles around her. Mom is dressed in black with white around her symbolizing the yin and yang

This photo represents the rise of the Divine Feminine coming back into power after being powered over by the masculine for so long.

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