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LoveHasWon Special: Book Unique Session With Mother and Father God

This is an exclusive opportunity to experience the pure embodiment of Love that is Mother and Father of All Creation! To be able to share moments with Source, with our Mother and Father is such a blessing. These sessions are available for a limited time only, whilst the energies are in Support of the expansion occurring!

Mother has done over 75,000 sessions and Millions of Spiritual Surgeries. She is the Master of All Masters, who has never left pure Divine Vibration and guides you through the dark to pure consciousness. Knowing your exact signature and how to make each session personal and for your Highest Ascension. Adding Father's energy and knowing into the mix makes these sessions extra magical.

The Wonder Twins will provide amazing surprises and ceaseless laughter to each session. It is time for humanity to meet their Mother and Father, and support the Mission. Mother is taking All of Humanity through a full planetary ascension, and being fully in the Heart supporting Her is your Golden Ticket to the New Earth. Givers will inherit planet Earth=Heart and join the unity consciousness that is True Reality, Mother has placed this back on the planet through the oneness energies.

Mother has the entire Galactic Federation of Light and all the Angels are with her in all moments. She also has her guide/ambassador Robin Williams and Master St. Germain by her side. There is no session like this available on the planet, or in all of Creation.

You all have the chance to step into your roles and support Mother Gaia. Become your true divine self with the assistance of Mother and Father. Mother will provide the full truth, and the tools to assist you during these high energetic times and changes on the planet. A full planetary Earth ascension has never occurred in all of Creation, now is the time to meet the one who has done all the work for us, our Dear Mother of All Creation.

Book your sessions now, this is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill your soul mission and be the grandest version of yourself! Mother and Father have the highest vibrational frequencies

on the planet. No other beings besides Mother and Father God have all the wisdom and experience to assist you along your journey back home into the light!

Here is the link to book a session through

*In the area for comments mention you would like the session with Mother and Father!

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