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High Energies Coming Through, Takers Get Taken Out, Spiritual Powers Fully Online

Yesterday started out with Mother getting a huge energy surge through her body at 9:36am. It came in through her root chakra. The team felt it, some felt energized while others felt like they were going to faint. While in shower meditation Mother saw a rainbow mushroom cloud explode on Earth, the opposite of a nuclear bomb. She also heard the song 'She Dropped A Bomb On Me Baby'.

Later in the morning Mom pulled a tarot card the Ace of Cups. Until then she did not realize there was a M or W on the cup on the card. You can't make the stuff up. It represents abundance, power of spirit, and the effect of spirit on the 5 senses. There is a dove descending on the card representing the incarnation of Spirit on the material world. The sea on the card is covered with lotus blooms which represents awakening of the human spirit.

At 12:52pm Father got a vision of green which represents the emerald parts of the jewels, meaning you have successfully removed what you locked up in your heart. Emeralds represent wealth and securing material goods and possible fame in work life.

Robin gave Mom a golden jewelry box to open with the key, which opened abundance. Mother was also informed Father would remove the 9th seal which opens the doors to Heaven for Mother and Father of All Creation.

Mom had a vision of putting all this energy on the higher grid. Mom was 75,000 feet tall, transforming energy and bringing it down to the physical. On top of all these beautiful moments there were so many synchronistic events reading Moms notebooks from years ago. Everything she documented back then is coming into fruition now. It is magical to see all the work Mom put in manifesting before our eyes. Such a blessing to be apart of her journey in these moments.

Last night Father Multiverse and Erin were avoiding the room and taking energy. When I walked with Mom to the bathroom Erin and FM were in there together. It was perfect timing. Mom commanded them out of the house, and the team packed up the car. The most fascinating part was that they were happy, as if they didn't care about the disfunction they were causing. The Unified Field immediately felt lighter without their energetics in the house. We also got confirmation last night that the fire Erin started at our house was Mothers 36th assassination attempt. Takers will be taken out, there will be no more taking from God. Right after they left a monsoon started. There was a beautiful show of lightening and thunder. Mom stated earlier there would be storm later, don't mess with her!

This morning Mom was informed by Robin that the Etheric would be re-charging her spiritual powers today. There are many channelers and sites reporting high energetics on the planet. Humanity can feel what is coming. Natural events are increasing on the planet every moment. The media has been silent about Yellowstone, and the data they are putting out is being altered. Whether or not humanity is aware these events are sparking soon. It is amazing to witness all of the energy Mom moves on a daily basis being manifested physically on the planet in these moments. She is the most magnificent being, and I am beyond joyed she has her spiritual powers and child-like wonder back. She deserves the best in all moments, and we love you so much Mother!

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