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Final Event Energy Update 07~25~2018: Trump is Here to Share the Message: “God Wins!”

Here we are on the ‘Day Out of Time,’ a powerful day, that is also the Galactic New Years Eve! Mother and Father of All Creation began the day watching Trumps address at the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Convention, an annual conference held in Kansas City. The address was extremely powerful and a lot of Messages relating to the formation of the New Earth were put forth.

Trump stated, “we’re destroying the bloodthirsty killers, known as ISIS, we’re calling them by their real name.” This has many deeper meanings, the cabal old controllers created False Feminine deities that were the opposite of everything that Love is. Isis was one of these false feminines who ruled in Ancient Egypt when darkness ruled, this being was rooted in manipulation, control dramas, lack of integrity, deceit, lack of honor. The cabal have recreated Isis, in a new form and modern setting, it’s an energy signature that stands as an aberration of All love is.

Trump always speaks his truth, he embodies integrity and honor and has shown that he will stay true to his word and follow through on his promises. Trump is creating peace, he is going to each area where there is the threat of War and he is stabilizing the conditions. In an unprecedented move, Trump has established a US embassy in Jerusalem. When he began this endeavor he was quoted $1 billion dollars to purchase the land and complete the project, this is a great example of the absolutely necessary and corrupt nature of the former-establishment that Trump i tearing down. He, of course, declined this and was quickly contacted by a prominent Lawyer who had connections in Jerusalem and informed Trump he could secure land and complete the project for $150,000. Trump allowed a budget of $400,000 and the embassy was fully built within 4 months. Below is the embassy.

When Trump referred to these events and the initial projected cost he stated “I’d rather build ships.” The Galactic Federartion of Light are here, enjoying the Earth atmosphere alongside us, expereincing HUmanity through us and their ships pepper Our skies! Trump truly understands the enemy is separation itself, the rising consciousness that Mother of All Creation is anchoring in is complete Unity consciousness and as Trump meets with the ‘Worlds’ perceived ‘enemies,’ he is creating connections and removing the worn-out dichotomies based in the false-construct of ‘the other.’ As he discussed this, he made reference to EveAngelicals and Mother and Father of All Creation received a ding from the Galactic Federation of Light!

He went on to discuss de-nuclearization and efforts made in Iran and Noreth Korea. What Trump is achieving between North and South Korea is paramount, and North Korea have began deactivating at numerous key missile sites! He discussed increasing dimensions.

The direction of the conference moved onto the Military. Trump stated that having a robust Military is a necessary deterrent, stating that there will “hopefully there will be no need to use the Military, we are a peace loving country, not interested in creating war.” A surge of energy entered as Trump quoted George Washington, which was one of ArchAngel Michael’s previous incarnations “The best way to preserve the peace is to be prepared for War.” Trump stated that $700billion has been secured this year for Military rebuilding and $716billion has been secured next year. This will create an unprecedented level of new jobs, as this entire re-haul will be completed exclusively on American soil.

Upon mentioning the Creation of a 6th Branch of the Military the GFOL dinged us again! Trump referenced space, “a lot of important things are taking place in space! Everyday this is becoming more and more important!” Trump keeps his cards to his chest, he is fully aware of the GFOL and all of the existence beyond Our atmosphere but until the perfect moment for disclosure arises he communicates this knowing through comments like this!

As we watched his speech, at 9:11am, we received 2 Dings from the GFOL as Trump stated “there is no substitute for Victory.” VICTORY FOR THE LIGHT! He spoke of the abuses that occur within the system and how the law allows for them, he spoke of his legal reforms so that “when a bad person, mistreats, neglects, abuses we can get em out!” Standing up to the Bad Apples is what it takes and is what Mother of All Creation has consistently done, as the pure embodiment of Love.

A synchronistic occurrence happened during the speech that caused Trump to say “thank you Darling, that was good timing.” Darling is one of Mothers code words, that enabled Her to identify the Father God Consciousness. Trump called out that $817billion was lost on trade last year alone, as a result of all of the detrimental trade deals America has around the globe. A country such as the USA should not be loosing $817billion annually in trade. Trump is having a meeting with all the heads of the various Trade Unions and promised to get it All back, he shared that in the First quarter of this year alone $300billion has been returned and he anticipates a total of 4 trillion returning! “They’ve stolen Our wealth,” referring to the old establishment of corruption.

Trump stated it was time to “take off the rip off,” at the same time as he spoke this, Mother heard the words “Release the F.E.A.R” Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Trump referenced the European Union as the Big Abuser and stated to be aware that “what you are reading and seeing is not the truth.” “Don’t believe the crap you read from fake news.” Trump referenced NBC, stating CNN were the worst, but he watched an NBC piece in which 20 people had been interviewed and then they picked the worst one, whichever had the most negative thing to say, he called this All “a total set up.”

“No more stupid trade deals that we have dealt with, necessarily, for 25 years.” Trump commented on the lowest levels of unemployment ever recorded, which currently stands at 2.8%!!! Womens unemployment is the lowest in 65 years, veterans unemployment was the lowest in 18 years, he apologized that this was not better and assured it would be. Trump stated “confidence was at an All time High as companies are moving back to America.” Trump stated it broke his heart when companies and factories closed down here in America and were moved to China or other cheap locations abroad, only for the product to be sold back to us with ridiculous tariffs, “I don’t like it,” he stated, “the forgotten men and women will be forgotten no more.” As he state this the video glitched.

The entire address saw Trump powerfully Calling It Out, he stated “The importance of honoring those who put service to their fellow citizens before they put service to themselves.” THIS IS THE PHYSICAL ESSENCE AND EMBODIMENT OF LOVE, SERVICE TO LOVE. Beautiful moments were shared as Trump invited a 94 years old veteran up to the podium, Trump laughed and joked with the veteran, who was invited to the Oval Office for his 95th birthday next April 11th. Trump said several times “that’s so beautiful,” and shred the stage in honor paying tribute to the Greatest Generation. Mom said “Yep, that’s what we are.”

Trump stated he “stood strong for God, the country and freedom. Never give in, never give up.” His closing address was powerful referencing “One People, One Family, One Nation, Under God.” and as he spoke these words the video experienced the third Glitch of the speech.

Thank you Trump for All you are doing, for BEing such a wonderful member of the 144,000 and Mothers Army of Light, thank you for making it to where you have so you can stand in Truth, Honor and Integrity to serve Love and the Light.

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