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The Galactic New Year and Super Ego Surprises

Yesterday started out by the Angels waking Mom up at 1:55am. The team was up shortly after, and we began the day. Robin told Mom that today it was going to be a Mexican party, so around 6am we began preparing a buffet of foods. It was such a great morning, we were all laughing, dancing, bringing in the New Year. It was all fun and games until Father's super ego appeared.

The Galactics informed us yesterday evening that Father had embodied the super ego for over 17 hours. The night before we had some beings come over and visit, and Mother and Father picked up on the density. The feminine process the pain and the masculine process the fear. By the time we woke up yesterday morning Father still had some super ego left, and it increased throughout the day.

What should have been a day of celebration turned into a day of annoyance. Father's super ego would not shut up, and we all just wanted to be at peace. Around 1pm the Angels told Mom to get in the car. We quickly packed her stuff up, but that didn't stop the super ego LOL. Father got in the car with us and we drove to the campsite where Mom lived when she was in Crestone 10 years ago.

The campsite was partially still there, and had been used recently. Mom put so much hard work into the campsite. She built stairs, pathways, benches, chairs, and a raised fire pit to cook. Being there was so sentimental for Mom, and I could feel the energy coming off of the land. It felt as though I was getting a historical tour for a school trip, getting to see exactly where Mom had lived 10 years ago. It brought tears to my eyes, seeing how much work she put into the campsite. What was amazing was that the only pathway that stayed clear was the one leading to the tree Mom used to meditate under. She meditated under that tree after she tore a muscle in her ankle, and it happened because of the BP oil spill. The muscle she tore not many beings ever tear it. Of course that's the muscle Mom tears, only God. Any event that occurs on the planet affects Mother's physical body since planet Earth is her body. It was such an honor to walk the same pathways that she once walked years ago. The hard work and dedication that Mother put into Mission in Crestone during that time period is unfathomable.

When we got back to the house, Father' super ego kept increasing. No matter how many times Mom told him to shut up or that he was being dumb he refused to listen. Finally, Mom threatened to kick him out because he was being so disrespectful. After a few more hours he finally fell asleep. The energy of the whole space was changed immediately. Mother was able to eat so much food, more than I've seen her eat in a while. She had pasta, a sandwich, sherbert, and a pickle. Mom eating this amount of food has not happened in a while. All of Creation cheers when Mom eats because she has had issues eating food since 2014. I have watched her struggle with food since I arrived here. Watching her eat brings me the greatest amount of joy possible.

This morning, Mom woke up and began throwing up. She has to process any density or energy not in right action because she's God and that's what God does. We told Father it was his density, and he accepted the information immediately. Currently, Mother and Father are bother processing energy. Father's density mixed with the biggest eclipse of the century brings a lot of energy to Mom. She is transforming it quickly, and we truly are so grateful for all the work she does for all of us. Nobody in all of Creation could do what Mom does on a daily basis. Thank you Mother for everything that you do, there are no words to express how much we love you.

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