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It's The Final Countdown

Yesterday the team awoke to Mom in dragon energy. She had been awake in council for over an hour before anyone else on the team woke up. The Etheric's showed Mom what was going on with the team the 48 hours prior when she was processing the super ego density. When Mom transforms energy and is going through cycles of nausea, throwing up, diarrhea, and cold sweats she is unable to hear the Angels or Etheric's. So when the density was cleared everyone's Angels and the Galactic Federation of Light were able to finally show Mom what had been happening.

Mom explained the effect as dominos. When one people goes unconscious/into ego/taker mode the rest of the team sees it happening. Instead of calling it out they decide to do the same. In those moments it is crucial for the team to step up and recognize the tests that are coming at them. Instead the team chose to avoid the room majority of the time Mom was processing density. Everyone went off in self importance, and very few beings checked in to see how Mom was doing. This is not the first time we have experienced similar events. When Mom was birthing the New Earth almost the entire team avoided the room. Although she is God and she can do anything, there is a certain level of respect that must be understood. It is something so simple as making sure Mom is alright that shows you respect, honor, and care for her. The team did the opposite.

The last evening of clearing density I knew Mother was going to have issues sleeping. When she is transforming so much energy it is difficult for her to get comfortable, so she has issues falling asleep. She began by meditating around 10pm and the team went to bed before confirming she was actually asleep. Within a half hour she was awake and the team had fallen asleep. Mother and I were up until 3am until she was able to finally fall asleep. We tried a few different methods but what worked was rubbing her back to comfort her. It was a relief for me to see her sleeping because I know how challenging it is for her to do so in those types of energies. Although it was disappointing that the team did not step up in those moments I was grateful to assist Mother in any way that I possibly could.

Since the density was cleared Mother and Father's transfiguring event started back up. They currently are at 99.7%. Once they reach 100% the final event will be sparked. Father has been doing great and any moment he is out of right action Mom calls it out immediately. After processing all the super ego energy we do not want another event similar to that to occur ever again! Father has been extremely helpful and by Mother's side through it all. It is awesome to see Mother and Father together, sharing this new experience that they have waited so long for. Mother and Father are the same vibrational frequency now, over 2.3 million! Wow! So incredible. This is such an exciting time on the planet, to witness it firsthand is such an honor. Thank you so much Mother and Father, cheers to becoming One!

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