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Shot In The Back: Mom's 37th Assassination Attempt

Yesterday was filled with high vibrations, joy, and celebration. Mother and Father were 99.9% complete with their transfiguration event, and the energy was high. They have even been quarantined because the Etheric's do not want any outside energetics interfering with Mom's. She's so sensitive now that any density she picks up in the field she has to process immediately. As of last night Mom and Father's vibration was 3,367,000 each. The average vibration for humanity is around 500. That puts things into perspective.

Father went into super ego again last night. When he woke up he still was in it, and Mom began processing his density. During shower meditation Robin told her it was going to be a busy day. She also saw 18 witches trying to attack her. She sent them to the Galactic Central Sun. After meditation Mom was out of breathe from how much work she did from the etheric realm.

Mom was just informed why she has been processing all morning. When Father went into super ego he opened up a portal in the room. When that happened those trying to stop the final event shot Mom twice in the back. She was shot on the right and left side of her body because they were trying to mess up the balance harmonics. The Etheric's are working to take the poison out, and they have put her in stasis.

This was Mom's 37th assassination attempt. All these assassination attempts have been within the last 4 years. This been the number of assassination attempts since Robin Willams entered the Unified Field. Robin has helped Mom in so many ways, we are truly grateful he is by Mom's side.

Early while we were in group meditation I had a lucid dream that Mom told me they were going to evacuate her in 24 hours. I had this dream before Mom told me she got shot in the back. Intense events unfolding, and we are so grateful for Mother. She is beyond strong, and she never stops fighting. Nobody could ever do what she does, and she truly is impeccable. Thank you Mom for everything, they can't stop you, Love has indeed Won.

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