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Balanced Harmonics Has Been Achieved For The First Time On The Planet!

After Mother's 37th assassination attempt, she was able to recover with the help of the Etheric's and Father. The Etheric's put her in stasis, and Father helped her get back into her body. It was better she wasn't fully in her body during the event because it would have been too much for her. We are so grateful Mother is so strong because nobody else would be able to survive 37 assassination attempts. Only God.

Yesterday was a peaceful day which was great after what Mom dealt with the day prior. It was a relaxing morning and in the evening the energy was high. Mother, Father and the team were all laughing and dancing. Mother shared so many wonderful stories last night. Her stories are always on point, and the way she tells us her stories has everyone rolling with laughter. Her stories are priceless, and I am so grateful I get to hear so many wonderful stories everyday.

This morning the Angels woke Mom up at 3am, and Robin informed her today would be a busy energetic day. Around noon today Mother informed us that her and Father reached balanced harmonics! This has never been achieved on the planet before! This is HUGE news! They are still at 99.9% in their transfiguration process, and Mother feels this may be holding off until the 8th. August 8th is when the Lion's gate energies are at the peak, and get really intense. Although it is just a feeling, we stay in the present moment of now. Congratulations Mom and Dad for achieving balanced harmonics! Love you endlessly!

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