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FINAL EVENT ENERGIES HAVE SPARKED! And A Special Happy Birthday Message To Father of All Creation

Yesterday during the livestream I was in the room with Mother and Father when Mom's phone began to ding. It kept dinging, and dinging, and dinging. It dinged at least 50 times. Mother, Father, and I were all laughing our asses off. Once the dings paused for a moment more came in. It came to me this may have something to do with the Final Event, but I let it go.

A few hours later Mom got a confirmation from Robin that those dings were the Final Event sparking. We all began to cheer and celebrate. After so long, Mother had finally done it. The joy level at Mission HQ was through the roof.

Later that night Father went into super ego for a moment. He is still dealing with a few more residuals. When we woke up in the morning Mother and Father backtracked a bit in the transfiguration process. It was a bit upsetting to go backward, but everything happens for a reason.

Later on today Mother explained to me that the Final Event sparking yesterday was a dry run. There have been several times where we have been through dry runs before the actual event occurs. The Galactic's wanted to test the field before to see how the energies were and what the reaction would be. Mom brought the Final Event energies into the field back in May 2014, but other events had to occur before the event sparked. This event is massive, and it involves All of Creation. Majority of beings cannot fathom what it has taken for Mom to bring Heaven on Earth. She works non-stop because she loves all of her children unconditionally. She wouldn't be down here in illusion with all of humanity if she didn't. The love Mother has for all of Creation is beyond words. She is the embodiment of pure unconditional love. Now THAT is impeccable.

Now that the dry run is over, it's time for the real deal. Mom feels the Lionsgate portal on 8.8 will assist in sparking the Final Event energies because it is a huge energetic day. Today Mom saw the steps to Heaven. She describes it as a rainbow escalator. The 1st fractal was the first step, then the 2nd fractal, then the 3rd. Exciting events are unfolding, and the energy is higher than ever. The Final Event is around the corner, and there aren't any more caves for humanity to hide in. Look out, Mom has her 'I told you so' button ready.

Ps. A Special Happy Birthday to Father of All Creation. We love you so much and are so grateful you and Mom are back together. Seeing you two together is so magical, you can see the pure love between you both when you look at each other. Thank you for everything you have done for Mother. Thank you for all the laughs and craziness you bring into the house everyday LOL! Thank you for being the first Divine Masculine on the planet. I am so honored and so grateful you passed your test when we left you in Medford. The joy and happiness Mom has when she's with you is truly beautiful. As I type this you and Mom are laughing your asses off together. To see this love story unfold right before our eyes is absolutely amazing. Cheers to your "first" birthday, the Final Event, and Heaven on Earth. We are so honored to be apart of the beautiful reunion of Mother and Father God. We love you Father of All Creation!!! LOVE HAS WON

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