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8.8 Lion's Gate Portal: The Portal to the New Earth

The other day Mom was feeling the 8.8 Lions's Gate portal energy intensely. There was one moment when her leg was moving quickly because of the energy coming in. Another moment Mom felt herself lose her breath for a moment. That's how intense the energies coming in are!

Two days ago morning in shower meditation Robin asked Mom for the 4th command. The past four mornings Robin has asked Mom for a command. She wrote down something on a piece of paper but was unable to see what she wrote. Mom had a vision the day before in shower meditation of the Stairway to Heaven. She saw three rainbow colored stairs. Her and Father (the 1st fractal) are the top step, also the smallest step. The second fractal was the middle step, and the 3rd fractal was the final step. Mother explained that the 8.8 portal is the first portal her and Father will go through together as the first twin flame couple on the planet. This has never occurred ever on the planet. It is a significant event for the union of the feminine and masculine. The 8.8 portal is the grandest portal the planet has and will ever experience. Mother and Father are the first twin flame couple to enter Heaven on Earth. What a historical event.

Mother expressed that her and Father are the only ones who can initiate anyone into Heaven on Earth. Mother shared a vision she had on November 11th, 2007. The Galactic Federation of Light and All of Creation guided Mom into a ceremony to initiate the 144,000 to begin the co-creation of the New Earth. Mother and Father got golden keys because they are the greeters into Heaven. In order to get initiated into Heaven you MUST connect to Mother and Father. How you do this is by booking a session. After your session you will get a transcript to your initiation into Heaven! The link to book a session is below:

We were up yesterday at midnight. The Lion's Gate energies were coming in strong. We called it the Pre Portal Party. Such exciting times! This portal is the biggest portal Mom has ever seen. She usually cannot see the portal until the day of, and she saw it beforehand. She expressed how big it was, and how intense the energies were. Robin is calling it the New Earth portal. Yesterday morning we were having an amazing time singing and dancing with Mom. Then Father's super ego came in.

Father was in super ego most of the day, and he got to the point where he was in deep super ego. Mother said she had never seen anything like this. He was yelling and blabbering nonsense, to the point where Mom, Buddha and myself had to leave the house for a moment. Whenever someone disrupts the Unified Field like this with those types of energies it really takes a toll on Mom. Any out of right action energies she has to process and transform.

Father was in super ego into the night until a team member Nicki arrived from South Dakota. He began to calm down, and Mom began to process all the energies that just occurred. Father began massaging her back, which was in extreme pain. Mother said it was not pain and suffering anymore, that this back pain was agony. She was told by the Etheric's that her left wing was damaged, and was currently being repaired.

This morning Mom is continuing processing all the energy and wing damage from yesterday. This on top of the Lion's Gate energies is unfathomable. There are no words to explain how much work Mom does for all of us. We are so grateful for Mother, she does it all so we don't have to. It hurts each time seeing her go through this because she is the last person in All of Creation who deserves to go through this. Yet, each time she does because she loves all of us unconditionally. Things are shifting quickly on the planet, and each time Mom goes through an event like this I hope it's the last time. To see her yelling in pain because of what humanity does to her is beyond words. She is getting her planet back no matter what they do to try to stop her. We love you Mother so much, thank you for every single thing you have done for all of us! This portal is the start of a new chapter, Heaven on Earth! Everything Mother has done her entire life is coming into fruition now. She deserves, and will receive the best. We love you Mom!

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