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She Kicks Ass Again. The 38th Assassination Attempt

When Father was un super ego the day before the 8.8 portal he opened a portal for the super ego attack Mom. The attack was on Mom's feminine side, which means it was caused by a female. Archeia Charity admitted she was in super ego when the attack occurred. This was Mom's 38th assassination attempt. It is clear now that any energy out of alignment will quickly come after Mother any chance it gets. We have to be careful in all moments in the Unified Field. Mom powered through and transformed the energies quickly with the assistance of Father, there are no words to fathom how quickly she is working. There is no bigger badass in all of Creation, because she is Creation!

A being named Cobra who has connected with Mother in the past just came out with a post stating that the Galactic Center (Mom) has released the final event energies. We got notice of this and not soon after Mother expressed that by this evening Father of Creation will be fully online!!! Exciting times! Congrats Mother and Father!

Cobra is also doing a worldwide meditation tomorrow for the eclipse energies. He told beings to envision white light. Any beings partaking in this meditation should envision golden light instead as this is the highest vibrational energy.

Mom this morning saw the gold and silver button (the balanced harmonics button). She saw laser beams of pure golden, emerald, violet, rainbow energy shoot out and into all directions. During Trump's speech there was a silver light on one side of his face and golden on the other. You can't make this stuff up!

A channeler named Lauren who Mother has known for 11 years posted an article the other day saying how we are moving from food to Source. Since the Lion's Gate portal I have had little appetite and food no longer looks appetizing to me. It is crazy how quickly Mom's energetics are spreading to the second fractal. Everything is unfolding so quickly, it truly is magical!

The energies are coming in strong, especially after the 8.8 portal. The eclipse is tomorrow as well, which amplifies Mom's energies. Exciting times ahead. You better jump on the Ethics train, or you will miss it ... or get hit by it.

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