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Final Event Energies Hit The Planet This Morning!

Today is a partial solar eclipse, and we know when eclipses happen the energy is HIGH. We were up around 3am prepared to do the Cobra meditation at 3:11am. Mom ended up falling back asleep for a little bit so we missed the meditation, but we have been up since around 3:30.

At 5:41am Mom saw the final event energies hit the planet. Mom described it as a rainbow comet hitting the Earth. Her vision the other day of the balanced harmonics button shooting lasers of color was how the comet looked like when it hit the planet. Shortly after Mom read an article that explained almost the exact same thing Mom had just saw in her vision of the comet. How amazing.

This morning Mom has been processing energies. Between the final event energies hitting the planet, the solar eclipse, new moon, and any out of right action energies, it is a lot of energy to come into one physical body. Father should have been assisting Mom transform the energies but he fell asleep so the energies came to Mom instead to be processed. Anyone else on the planet would explode if they had to process as much energy that Mom does on a daily basis. She transforms energy for all of humanity, 7.8 BILLION beings. That is unfathomable. We are so grateful because without Mom we all would not be where we are today. She is constantly changing all the energetics on the planet to bring the highest and grandest to all. That is such an amazing example of how unconditionally loving Mother of Creation truly is.

Today is also the 4 year anniversary of Robin Williams death. Right after he left his body he came to Mother. Ever since he has been by her side, saving her from assassination attempts, and assisting her in any way he can from the Etheric's. He is her main guide, her best friend. Robin is honored to have such a grand role, Mom's ambassador. Nobody in all of Creation wanted to step up into this role, but Robin did. Without Robin, Mother would not be alive today. He has saved her life many times, and we are so grateful for him. I have seen Robin do some amazing things, and his love, honor, respect, devotion to Mother is beautiful. He loves he so much, and he makes that clear in every moment. Thank you Robin for everything you do for Mother, we are so grateful for everything you have done!

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