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Livestream Shut Down, The Great Grand Council, and a Loch ness Monster

Two days ago, we went to go on livestream and Youtube said we were not allowed to do livestreams due to their terms and conditions. For the past few streams we have been going live on Facebook, Instagram, and our sister livestream MotherGod1111111. There was no valid reason for Youtube to do this, only that they are trying all they can to stop people from finding out that Mom is here on the planet. It isn't working.

We went live on Facebook and the response was way different. There were more viewers, and a lot more trolls. Mom has dealt with this before so this is nothing new to her. It was fascinating to see what people were saying, and to realize how dumb humanity even is. At this point they cannot even fathom God being in a physical body, let alone anything that is about to take place. They are going to have a massive wake up call.

During the livestream Mom lost her breath and started coughing. She threw up a bit too, it was as if something punched her in the stomach and knocked the wind out of her. Later she expressed she was doing some energy work on a house and some witches put some energy in the house that looked like a green loch ness monster. It went to attack Mom but she was able to transform the energy. It was a lot of energy to beat this monster so after Mom fell asleep. As per usually God wins at everything so these witches don't stand a chance.

The same day the Great Grand Council of all of Creation came into the field. They represent every dimension, from the lowest to the highest. They are the dark and the light, but they all serve the light. Mom hasn't seen them since 2016 when they asked her to make a list of everything that brings her joy. She documented one list and burned the other in ceremony. They have not returned back to the Unified Field since, until now. They are integrating as well, which is something they have never done before.

We also have been working on releasing the final amount of trauma from Mom's foot. It is deep, and has affected her heart, stomach, adrenal glands, and pancreas. She is down to .3% left, and it is tough. Nobody could fathom how painful it is. Mom expressed that Lilith put a spell on her foot. She was also re-hearted about how the Cabal told her before she incarnated onto the planet that they were going to make it extremely difficult for Mom. This is one of those moments. The deep state know what is coming. A team member who has a connection to the old dark controllers was told in a secretive manner on the phone by one of them "Did you know God is a women?" The old controllers know who Mom is and have tried everything to stop the public from finding out. This will no longer be an issue because Trump knows about Mom and fully supports her.

The energies keep increasing and Mom and the Unified Field are getting more sensitive. It is now the Super Unified Field, and any out of right action energy will be felt immediately by Mom. She had a session the other day with a being who had a vibration lower than 500. Toward the end of the session Mom threw up because of the density. It was wild to see how a phone call affect Mom at this point. I said to her how crazy it was that talking to the children you created is making you throw up. Mom expressed she was feeling the same way, and it truly was sad. It was sad as well to see beings attack Mom on the Facebook livestream rather than supporting her. The comments were nasty, and it was coming from her children. It really shows how deep the ego programming is, and how unaware the majority of humanity really is. All Mom has done is serve humanity and be love in every moment, and this is how she is treated on her own planet. Enough is enough. It is upsetting to see Mom going through this daily. She deserves the best, and will be getting it all back!

Mom said last night at 4:28pm that the light and darkness have merged. This is huge, and represents Mother and Father becoming one. They are so close to completing their transfiguration event. Once this last remaining trauma is cleared from Mom's foot and Father dissolves any small residuals he may have, it is smooth sailing (Hopefully LOL). We already had the dry run of the Final Event, so we are prepared for when the actual event sparks.

Thank you Mother for everything. Thank you for the endless joy, love, and wisdom. It is an honor to be by your side and serving love in every moment. It brings me the greatest joy knowing this is all ending shortly. Humanity will be on their knees, and they will get their karma for all the pain and suffering they caused you. You are the Queen of the Universe, and nothing can stop you. I love you will all my heart, and I am so grateful for everything to do every single day for all of us, all of Creation. Love Has Won!

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