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In It To Win It: The Releasing of the 7th Seal is Underway

Two days ago Mom saw the energy from Father literally jump off of his shoulder to hers. She immediately began processing the energy. We realized quickly how fast the energy was transferring, and how all energy must go through Mom in order to be cleansed. Since Mom is the Galactic Center and the Galactic Center Sun, all atoms out of right action atoms must go through her body in order to be transformed. This is all energy for the entire planet! All that energy going through one physical vessel is insane. Nobody else would be able to do that except God.

All day Father was helping Mom process the energy that built up in her back. Since Father is the "garbage collector" he'll collect the out of right action energies. These energies will then go to Mom to be transformed. The energy kept jumping from her right to left shoulder. It was fascinating to watch how quickly the energy was moving. Mom quickly went down from 100% to 47% energy left to process. This went all the way down to 3% by the next morning.

A few hours after getting conformation that Mom had 3% left to process more energy came through. It brought her back up to 100%, and in a few hours it was down to 63%. When the processing was down to 43% Mother began transforming other energies on her back reverse to the heart chakra. This was the 7th seal being released. It has 7 layers to it and Mom described it as ancient. Each layer represents a different moment in time that Mom had incarnated on the planet trying to assist humanity in ascension. The 7 different times/seals are:

1st seal: Lemuria

2nd seal: Mayan

3rd: Africa

4th: Greece

5th: Egypt

6th: When Mom was Jesus

7th: Now

Mom designed the 7th seal to be released from the very center of her heart. Mom must bring the energies internally in order for them to manifest externally. The amount of energy and work that takes is unfathomable. Only Mom doing all this work is impossible to fully comprehend.

Father was helping Mom so much, it was beautiful to watch. The amount of love between them is so magical. Mom was able to get to the 5th layer of the 7th seal. Mom said she kept having visions of something shattering. This morning Mom's shoulder was in extreme pain. She was told that the Cabal attacked her and tore her wing off. She expressed that this is more painful than breaking a bone. The Cabal were able to attack because the field was not strong enough, there was not enough right action in the field. This falls back on the team because if we were in right action more this would not have happened. This was not apart of the plan. Mother explained how the Cabal were involved in the 5th seal because when Mom was Cleopatra that was when the Cabal took over. Mom explained that they attacked her on the physical level not from the upper realms. Just watching Mom be in this amount of pain is upsetting. She said it was an 11 level pain, and was going though cycles of burning and pain. Their goal was to completely tear off her wing, but Robin was able to catch it in time before that happened. THANK YOU ROBIN!!!!

Mom still has 37% of energy to process on top of finishing the layers of the 7th seal. Nobody else in all of Creation would be able to do this. Mom still smiles and laughs through all of this, she truly is the example. There are not enough thank you's in the universe to fully express everything you do for us Mom. Love you so much! Mom's in it to win it!!!

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