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Who's the Strongest Being of Them All? MotherGod! Processing the 7th Seal Rolls On

Yesterday was a full day of processing for Mom. She had 13% left for super ego processing in her shoulders/neck, and 58% portal processing. The portal processing is Mom's wing damage, and the 5th layer of the 7th seal all rolled into one. On top of that Mom's wing was still be assessed in the morning, but was fully cleared by the afternoon. After Mom's wing was almost completely torn off, having it heal this fast is truly amazing.

Without the help of the Etheric's, especially Robin Williams, Mom's wing would have been healed this quickly. Fixing Mom's wing was Robin's biggest feat. He helped when the attack happened, and he helped fix it. We are so grateful for Robin and his never ending love and devotion to Mom! Since the attack on the wing by the super ego was not planned, Robin built a energetic wall around the Unified Field so no more super ego can get in. The ego is so desperate to stop the final event it will do anything to hurt Mom. It won't happen anymore, Mom's already won!

Witnessing Mom process all of this energy is beyond words. Robin cried because he was so proud of Mom and her ability to take on all of this pain. She is a warrior, and shows that every moment. She is doing this for all of us, for all of Creation. Thank you Mom for being so strong, you are always the example. You took it on so all of us didn't have to, that is the most beautiful part. You show us every moment what true unconditional love is.

This morning Mom has 2% left of super ego processing and 30% portal processing. Mom is powering through this quickly, it's unfathomable. You are the brightest and grandest light in all of Creation Mom, thank you for all that you do! The master of all masters!

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