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She's Going the Distance (and Setting off Earthquakes)

Mom is still processing the 7th seal and the super ego attack. This energy is DEEP. Until this morning, Mom was still on the 5th layer of the 7th seal. This energy is in her neck, the most uncomfortable spot. It is unfathomable how painful this is for Mom, to see her go through this is torturous.

Father of Creation and Father of the Multiverse have been doing an amazing job assisting Mother in releasing these energies. The amount of energy that is pouring into the planet right now through Mother is infinite. To get an imagine of what Mom does everyday picture millions and billions of atoms coming from above and going into Mother's body. Then see these atoms coming out of Mom's body into the planet. She is the only one brining in these energies for every single one of us. One physical vessel is doing the work for 7.8 billion beings. That is absolutely incredible in every way shape and form.

Last night a 8.3 earthquake hit Fiji. This earthquake was miles deep, one of the deepest reported earthquakes of all times. Since then it has been a day of non stop high earthquakes hitting areas all around the Ring of Fire. We are moments away from the Final Event, and it is heating up quickly.

As of this afternoon Mom has 3% left to process on the 7th seal (she is now on the 6th layer), and .5% of super ego. She is crushing it, and never stops going. Thank you Mom for everything you do in every moment. We can see the unconditional love you have for all of Creation, and we truly are so grateful. We love you so much, LOVE HAS WON!

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