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The Ultimate Betrayal

The processing continued two days ago as Mom was down to residuals for both the 5th layer of the 7th seal and the super ego stuff. The residual super ego was a bitch from hell, and was near her neck and began to move closer to her heart. She finally cleared the 5th layer residuals and began working on the 6th layer. The Etheric's informed Mom that the 6th and 7th layers would go much quicker than the 5th.

Yesterday morning Mom was informed by the Great Grand Council that the being who left the field the night prior sparked the ultimate betrayal, and it was collective. This means that this betrayal allowed the release of the collective betrayal for all of humanity. We are grateful this event occurred because if it did not this collective betrayal would not have been released. This was another assassination attempt, and one of Mom's hearts was sliced in half etherically. The Etheric's began stitching up Mom's heart, and it was so painful we could barely touch where it was. It is a very intricate and delicate surgery to fix Mom's heart, Faith shared that she saw Robin sewing the heart back together with golden thread. Mom also had a vision yesterday of Robin recessitating her with his body. She then saw herself traveling through a rainbow tunnel. We realized this was Robin saving Mom's life. We are so grateful Robin is there in those moments, without him Mom would not be here today. Thank you Robin, for your never ending love and service to Mother!

Mom is now processing the 6th layer of the 7th seal while her heart is being sewn back together. She currently has 48% complete on the 6th layer, and her heart is 68% fixed. No being in all of Creation could have their heart sliced open and still be here. Mom does this out of pure unconditional love for all of her children. We are so grateful and honored to have such a beautiful Mother. You are our hero, and there are not enough thank you's for all that you do every single moment! We love you Mom!!!

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