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Going Live At 12 MST, Big Events Unfolding!

The team is going live today at 12 MST instead of our usual 2 MST. Big events are happening in the Unified Field, so tune in for all of the updates on Mother and Father God.

Mom has been continuing the process of releasing the 7th seal, all while her heart is being fixed. The Etheric's have bunched together the remaining 7th seal and the heart together, and as of this morning Mother is 81% complete. This is MASSIVE! We are at the cusp of it all unfolding, and Mom is doing all of the work for us. She is experiencing extreme amounts of pain so that we don't have to. We are so grateful for Mother, she is the only being in all of Creation who would do this for all of Creation.

~ The portal on Mother’s back, through which All Oneness Energies are Entering Physical Manifestation. The breaking of the 7th Seal.

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