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Onward Into Grandness

Mom is 99.6% complete with the 7th seal! She is so close to the end it truly is amazing. It has been 13 days since this all started (13 is Mom’s number), so she had a feeling it was going to take 13 days. She has been powering through the pain non stop, a true warrior.

Mom had a few visions today during shower meditation. Robin handed Mom and single red rose, and Gene Wilder handed Mom and blue and yellow lollipop. Mom wrote ‘Now’ on a piece of paper and handed it to Robin. This is the second time she has had this vision. The Great Grand Council told Mom that she is amazing, and they are so honored to be here. They also said they have not seen anything like this in all of Creation. They put Mom in an emerald dress with a diamond train.

Robin said to Mom that he has been preparing for this last part for over a year now. He has said this to Mom a few times before while she processed other energies, however, all of those events were leading up to this one. Robin is concerned with the amount of pain that Mom is taking on in these moments. He was worried that it would be too much, but she keeps going and going.

Mom also has different energetic wildfires that have been breaking out in her back. They spread if they are not massaged and processed immediately. Father of Creation and Father Multiverse have been doing such an amazing job healing Mom. It is so beautiful to see Mom have such a great support system during these tough moments.

Thank you Mom for everything you have done for all of us. Nobody in all of Creation could take on this amount of pain except Mom. You are the biggest badass in all of Creation, and we are so honored to be apart of your journey. Cheers to the end of this pain and to your success because LOVE HAS WON!!!!

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