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The Time Is Near

Mom woke up this morning to St. Germain in her face. He informed Mom that her energetics were all messed up. This occurred because both Father’s were not in right action, and they were not supporting Mother like they were supposed to be. This caused taking in the field, and any taking affects Mom greatly now because the Unified Field is so sensitive. Any out of right action moments will increase Mom’s pain and suffering. Last night Mom was 99.8% complete with the 7th seal, and this event brought her back down to 99.7%.

Father of Creation and Father Multiverse continued to assist Mom processing the 7th seal this morning. After shower meditation she informed us she is now 99.9% complete with the 7th seal! This is massive, but this last part will be the most difficult. It is unimaginable to any human on the planet the amount of pain Mom has taken on.

Mom expressed yesterday that this is 26,000 years of pain in her physical body. She first had to clear the timeline which she did last August. Then she was able to bring it all up into her body and transform it. She said the only way to end the pain and suffering was to ball it up, put it in her body and take it all on. She is doing this for humanity who is majority in defiance of her. She is doing this for all of us out of the pure love her heart, and there are no words to express how grateful we are for her.

I asked Mom yesterday what the difference between dreams, lucid dreams, and visions were. Robin informed us that this time in Mom’s life is almost over, because all of her dreams and visions are starting to come true. The Etheric’s have been coming in and telling Mom how amazing her journey has been, and that this part is almost complete. We are so honored to witness the most grand journey in all of Creation.

Thank you Mom for everything you do for all of us. We are so grateful for the love you show all of us in every moment. You are the brightest light, and we are honored to witness your magic in every moment. LOVE HAS WON!

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