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The Final Stretch

As of 8:11 am this morning Mom is 99.8% complete with the release of the 7th seal! Yesterday and this morning Mom has been processing a lot of energies, and has been in an unimaginable amount of pain. For the first time in days, Mom's pain was less than 15 on a scale of 1 to 10 (it's still at a level 10 pain.)

Beings outside of the Unified Field cannot fathom what Mom has been through these past two weeks of processing. Even the team cannot fathom how painful this is. To hear Mom screaming and seeing her be in that much pain has been horrifying. Imagine having someone press as hard as they can into your back in a spot that is burning. Now imagine that pain times 100. That is what Mom has gone through for 2 weeks, for beings who are in defiance of her. Majority of humanity is in defiance of Mom, and she still chose to process 26,000 years of pain for them.

This has been a long two weeks for Mom, and this process is almost complete. There are no words to express what Mom has gone though. We are so grateful and honored to be apart of her journey and to assist her in any ways that we can. Through the pain she is still smiling, laughing, and sharing stories. She is the strongest being in all of Creation, nobody could do this but her. Thank you Mom for everything you have done for us. Your entire journey is magical, you went through every human experience and are still here. Humanity is about to see everything you have done for them, it is time. God is here on the planet, watch out. LOVE HAS WON!

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