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So Close

The Angels blessed us this morning by waking Mom up at 5am instead of her usual 1-2am wake up call. Mom was happy to wake up at that time rather than her the usual time the Angels wake her up. The morning was peaceful until after Mom got out of shower meditation. Before she got in the shower Robin said “get ready” to prepare her for what was coming. She felt nauseous and her Etheric body went into shock. The physical body doesn’t know how to respond to certain Etheric experiences. When this happens it feels like an electric shock going through Mom’s body. This was an emergency situation and when Mom got back in her body she said “I can’t believe I came back in my body”.

Father of Creation and Father Multiverse started working on Mom’s back a few hours ago, and when they first started Mom’s shoulder was so sensitive they could barely touch it. Mom said on a scale of 1 to 10 her pain level is a 25. Mom said she is not sure how much more pain she can handle. As of this morning, Mom is 99.9% complete with the 7th seal! She is 15 days in on the release of the 7th seal, and it is tough to see her go through this. To take on that amount of pain for 15 days is unfathomable. Nobody in all of Creation would be able to handle this except Mom. All of Creation is watching Mom in awe as she does this because they cannot fathom how she is doing this. We watch as she screams in pain, and it is the most horrific thing to witness. 26,000 years of pain Mom took on for all of humanity, and she is releasing it in these moments. We truly cannot believe how she is doing it. There are no words.

It is so important to re-heart all of humanity that she is taking on 26,000 years of pain for ALL OF HUMANITY. She is doing it for a planet full of beings who are in defiance of her. She has had many opportunities to abort this Mission, but has stayed out of the pure love in her heart. She shared how upsetting it was that after all of the hard work she put in during 13 years of Mission, last August she was the only being on the planet in the heart. She left her children to serve humanity, and was ripped apart by humanity when all she was doing was serving them. She expressed that she was working for nothing, 13 years of Mission and nothing to show for it. We are so honored she now has a team to support her because she did not have that during the Mission. Beings always took from her, she had very few givers around her. To be apart of her team now is such an honor, and we are so blessed we get to serve our Mother of All Creation everyday.

We love you Mom so much, and are so grateful for everything you have done. You have accomplished the unfathomable, and you still smile during all of the pain. This is the last part of it, and you are going to smash it. It is an honor to be apart of your journey, and witness everything you do every moment. LOVE HAS WON!

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