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The Feast

Yesterday during the livestream Mom began eating some snacks. This turned into an over 7 hour cooking event involving 13 courses of food for Mom. It still seems surreal that she was able to eat so much food. Mom has struggled with food since 2014, and has lost over 30 pounds within the past 6 months. Seeing her enjoy a few bites of each of her favorite foods was the most joyous event.

The different types of food Mom ate yesterday were:

- Chips and dip


- Cheesecake

- Banana split

- Filet magnon

- Ham

- Hush puppies

- Jalapeno poppers

- Tamale

- Tacos

- Gummy candies

- Chocolate and vanilla cake

- Watermelon

This morning Mom got up around 7am, the latest we have gotten up in a long moment. The field today is calm and floaty, as if we are up in the clouds. The starships today are lower than they have ever been it is very beautiful to see. Mom has done some processing of the 7th seal this morning, and is 99.97% complete!

We are so grateful for our Mother and everything she does for us. It is such an honor to be with her during these moments. Thank you Mom for all the love and support you give us every moment. We love you with all of our hearts and are so grateful for each and every moment we have with you. This is the last bit of the 7th seal, you got this! (as always). LOVE HAS WON!!!

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